Stupid bloody names and London Virginia

Hi! My last name is Ritz. We’re gonna have a baby this fall and looking at possible names. My husband and I really like the name “London” but every time I make a name poll, everyone scoffs at the combination because they say it sounds like a hotel. Would this be something you really think she would be teased about in life, and would it be so bad? - Mrs. Ritz

Be thankful for the surname Ritz! It’s short and easy to spell and pronounce. It has positive associations. Families with names like Crumpacker, Slutz and Pincock envy you. BUT…

… the one thing you can't go putting on the Ritz is a place name! That hotel is sacrosanct and their afternoon tea is legendary! Call your kid “London Ritz” and they’ll grow up being either hated or envied – and probably both! So forget London and go with either Linden or Logan instead!!!

Equally preposterous is the new Indonesian film London Virginia:

London Virginia film

With the huge phallic like Monas in the film, you can't go wrong I suppose.

London Virginia is now playing and stars (sic) Cheverely Amalia, Gading Marten, Sabrina Athika, Abdurahman Arif, Barry Prima, and Pierre Gruno.

Miyabi on a motorcycle foto

Miyabi naik sepeda motor

Looks like Miyabi made some new friends whilst she was in Indonesia.

Let’s hope she wasn’t taken for too long a ride!


Miyabi picture in Hantu Tanah Kusir movie

Miyabi may find herself in an unfamiliar setting – the Tanah Kusir graveyard to be precise - but this didn’t stop the ex-Japanese AV star from giving everything in a quite simply outstanding performance that will titillate Indonesian cinema goers the length and breadth of the country.

In the film, Miyabi plays a journalist named Pauline, who apart from a love of visiting graveyards to conduct research, also has a liking for tight denim shorts and near see-through tanks tops. Great.

Behind closed doors, the heat meter is ratched up to even higher levels when Miyabi removes most of her clothing besides her bra – but even that is later discarded when she is filmed topless from behind.

All in all, a pretty good film from the fine folk at Maxima Pictures, although Miyabi fans may go home longing for more. Thank God for her old DVDs eh?

 Miyabi picture in Hantu Tanah Kusir movie

 Miyabi picture in Hantu Tanah Kusir movie