Susah Jaga Keperawanan Di Jakarta (It’s Difficult to Stay a Virgin in Jakarta)

What do you call an Afghan virgin. Mever bin laid on

The bright lights beckon. Village life is boring. It’s time to get out.

So the three young village girls put on some makeup and grab a ride in a truck carrying the locally-grown vegetables to madcap Jakarta.

 Susah Jaga Keperawanan Di Jakarta (It’s Difficult to Stay a Virgin in Jakarta)

Upon arriving in the big smelly Durian, they panic – they don’t know anyone who lives here. And worse than that, they have no money!

And then, of course, they bump into a guy who can solve all their problems – although it does mean working in the world’s oldest profession.

An old story you might think. Yes it is. But things quickly change and the plot takes more absurd turns than the ongoing saga involving a dodgy tax official named Gayus.

So what do the three girls do?

Well, they agree. But only provided they remain virgins!


But it’s a tricky matter to remain a virgin if you’re on the game, and things rapidly deteriorate when the girls’ first client meets a sticky end in their hotel.

So now they’re fugitives and wishing they had never left home. Just like you, as you gobble down the popcorn... you can get out of the cinema as fast as you possibly can!

Starring (sic)

Masayu Anastasia
Aulia Sarah
Sarah Rizkya
Rifki Balwel
Indra Birowo
Tessy Srimulat

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