Will Wiandra Devi Ozawa be the next internet sensation to achieve stardom?

Her name is Wiandra Devi Ozawa and she comes from the hillside city of Bandung where the climate is cool but the girls are hot and pretty.

And she is the latest internet sensation!!!

From Facebook to Twitter - and from Blogs to Internet forums – the feline charms of this sultry cat have found an appreciative audience.

So move over Sinta and Jojo. Your time is up. Make way for the new Queen of the Internet!!!!

In the woods and looking confused. SpOOKy!!!

Wiandra Devi OzawaSexy is as sexy does.

 Wiandra Devi Ozawa

 Wiandra Devi Ozawa Some say that Wiandra bears an uncanny resemblance to Japanese video star Miyabi. What do you think?