AV star Tera Patrick is currently making a film in Indonesia!!!

No, no, no! Don’t jump to any hasty conclusions! Yes, it’s true that the voluptuous AV starlet from America is making a film in Indonesia, but there is no reason to believe that the film – whose title is being kept secret – is an AV film (Ariel is still in prison, remember!).

Far more likely, of course, is that the film – which is being produced by KK Dheraj – is just another one of those titillating horror flicks that Indonesians love so much. Or perhaps a romantic comedy - not!

So what do we know about Tera Patrick?

Well, that she’s hot. Very, very hot.

Astonishingly good looks got her into a modeling career, and she never really looked back, appearing as a centerfold in Play-boy and as a very popular "Pet of the Month" in Penthaus.

Things quickly progressed and it wasn’t long before she was doing the business in fully-fledged AV films after starting her own production company called "Teravision”.

Tera’s first film “Desperate" was soon followed by 2007’s classic “inTERActive” – the fastest selling Hustler release ever (exclusively available in Indonesia at select Glodok stores!)

Good work, Tera!

A pretty face….

 Tera Patrick

And a sensational full figure…

 Tera Patrick

Tera Patrick will surely thrill Indonesian audiences in her Indonesian film debut!!!