What would you rather have: Syahrini or the new Leica M9 Titanium camera?

Okay; let’s look at the camera first.

 new Leica M9 Titanium
It’s a Leica, which if you didn’t know, makes some of the finest cameras and lenses on the planet - and probably in the entire universe as well. And wow! - the new Leica M9 ‘Titanium’ is so unbelievably sexy and gorgeous, you’ll never want to get your hands off it. Quite simply, an utterly beautiful creation, designed by Leica in association with Walter de’Silva, the chief designer of the Volkswagen Group. Yep: get one of these, and your mates really would turn green with envy! Performance is also exceptional if you pair it up with the wonderful Leica Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 ASPH lens. Only 500 made. Cons: price tag of a cool £19,800 (Rp280 million)!!!

As for the lovely Syahrini, well, she is also a pleasure to behold - but unlike the manmade titanium body of the Leica camera, her curves and exquisite lines are undoubtedly a heavenly creation. Get her on your arm – rather than in your pocket - and again you’d be the envy of your mates. As for the cons? Pretty much the same as with the Leica, I’m afraid…

 Syahrini pantai