Olla Ramlan: the most tattooed celebrity in Indonesia?

O lay… O lay o lay o lay...

It’s Olla Ramlan, an Indonesian supermodel with a particularly bizarre inclination –

- she likes to get tattooed scribblings all over her body!!!

And so passionate is she about these tattoos that she has already got 12 of them done!

Two of the tattoos are the names of her mother and father.

This one is her mother’s name:

Olla Ramlan tattooBut that still leaves another 10 unaccounted for.

What they are and - more interestingly – where they are - is open to conjecture, but I think I have a damn good idea where some of them might be! Hahaha!

Below: the view from behind. How many tattoos can you spot?

 Olla Ramlan tattoos And if you said three, you are correct! Well done!