Laura Gemser: Blast from the Past

No doubt about it. Laura Gemser is one of the sexiest actresses ever to grace the screen.

 Laura Gemser
Born in Java in 1950, of mixed origins, Laura Gemser remains to this today a unique beauty in the history of motion pictures.

She began her career modeling for fashion magazines, but after one of her pictures fell into the hands of an Italian movie producer, the rest is history, as they say.

Welcome to the world of soft prawn.

Her exotic features won her many fans the world over, but she will always be best remembered for her role as Black Emmanuelle.

My particular favorite is the classic “Emmanuelle And The Last Cannibals” (1977).

 Emmanuelle And The Last Cannibals
In this outrageous gorefeast, Laura Gemser (as the sexy journalist Emmanuelle) joins an expedition into the jungles of the Amazon.

Emmanuelle is of course extremely hot, fresh meat in every possible sense.

Enough to bring out the cannibal in anyone!!