Julia Perez: a true Indonesian Hero!

Great news this!

Sexy TV star Julia Perez has fought off tough competition from the likes of former strongman Suharto and others to be declared as “the nation’s greatest hero”.

Nah. This is not true, unfortunately. But the strange thing is that it should be.

And why? Well, how many of those other heroes on the recently compiled list can claim to have saved as many Indonesian lives as Julie has?

According to the UNDP, there are an estimated 200,000 people living in Indonesia with HIV - about half of them contracting the virus through sex (the other half through sharing needles).

So that means that 100,000 people have HIV because they failed to use condoms.

So just imagine for yourself, then, how many Indonesians are free of HIV because they DID use a condom!

Well, we cannot know the number of course, but it must be in the tens of thousands and probably in the hundreds of thousands. And many of these people may have decided to use a condom only because they were convinced by Julia’s claims that condoms offer a “safe and enjoyable ride.” (traditionally, Indonesian men have rejected condoms on the basis they reduce pleasure)

Julia Perez condomJulia’s brave efforts at promoting condom use have also helped reduce unwanted pregnancies of course – a really huge problem in Indonesia.

Estimates vary but some put the number of abortions in Indonesia at an incredible 2-3 million a year!

Not only are abortions unpleasant but they can also be life threatening in Indonesia as many unwanted pregnancies are aborted using traditional techniques like massage (no, don’t even think about it!) or the consumption of potent jamu medicines.

So, well done Julia and thanks for making Indonesia a much better place!

You are a life saver and a true hero!!!

Jupe, Julia Perez, sexy

List of Hero Candidates (excluding Julia Perez)

1. Former Jakarta Governor Ali Sadikin (West Java)
2. Habib Sayid Al Jufrie (Central Sulawesi)
3. Former president Soeharto (Central Java)
4. Former president Abdurrahman Wahid (East Java)
5. Andi Depu (West Sulawesi)
6. Johanes Leimena (Maluku)
7. Abraham Dimara (Papua)
8. Andi Makkasau (South Sulawesi)
9. Pakubuwono X (Central Java)
10. Sanusi (West Java)