Aida Saskia on marrying an ustadz, aged 17!!!

Aida Saskia So, finally, Aida Saskia has spoken.

And the tears come streaming down her face as she relives the “ups and downs” of getting married at the tender age of 17.

The story begins nine years ago when Aida, then only a tender 16 years old, was still taking her seat at her local Senior High School.

But school wasn’t her only interest and like many other kids her age she had dreams of becoming famous.

Not many people gave her much chance but she proved them wrong and shot to stardom as the singer of the dangdut song, Ayam Jago.

But little did she know that her scintillating performance had attracted the attention of ustadz Zainuddin MZ.

And it wasn’t her singing he was interested in either!!!

"Aku ketemu sewaktu mengisi acara nyanyi di puncak yang diselenggarakan sebuah organisasi. Waktu itu teman aku bilang bahwa Zainuddin MZ akan datang. Tapi aku tidak percaya, sebab dia itu kan dai besar, tidak mungkinlah datang ke acara dangdutan seperti itu. Tapi ternyata bener dia datang” ungkap Aida.

To cut a long story short, he offered to marry her in a nikah siri (basically an underhand marriage – convenient if things turn pair-shaped and you want to get divorced but don’t want to pay her off).

And, incredibly - for reasons that only she can understand - she accepted.

Lucky Zainuddin!!!