Rachel Maryam gets the dreaded Dengue Fever!

Jakarta - There has been a significant increase in dengue activity throughout the Greater Jakarta area this year, with a particularly large number of cases reported in the Central Jakarta districts of Kemayoran (461 cases), Joharbaru (230 cases), and Senen (181 cases).

And one of the victims is the beautiful actress and model Rachel Maryam:

“Kemarin sampai Jakarta itu sudah terasa enggak enak badan, sudah dari hari Sabtu. Perasaan demam tinggi, radang tenggorokan,” kata Rachel di RS MMC, Jakarta, Rabu (22/9/2010).

Although rarely fatal, Dengue Fever is not a nice disease to get.

Its main symptoms are headache, fever, exhaustion, and severe muscle pain.

The best ways to avoid getting Dengue Fever are by covering up and not showing too much skin. And if you sit in your room by the window, make sure it’s closed. Otherwise the mosquitoes will get into the room and bite you!

Rachel Maryam
Mosquitoes like to bite sweet, tender skin – so make sure you cover up in the evening!