Who would spend a night in Paris Hilton in Jakarta?

Hello darlings. So dissappointed [sic] to miss all my fans in Indonesia. I promise to come back soon. I love you all! Love Paris xoxo.

That was the tweet that crushed the hopes of the many Paris Hilton fans in Jakarta who hoped to get a glimpse of, or even possibly grope (This is Indonesia), the world famous pop tart at the planned opening of the Paris Hilton store in Grand Indonesia:

 Paris Hilton store in Grand Indonesia

And what a shame Paris hasn’t come to Jakarta! Because now we’ll never know who the American starlet would have gotten off with during her planned stay in the Big Durian!

But Paris is said to like women as much as men:

 Paris Hilton cium
Paris plays tonsil tennis with fellow celebrated vixon, Lindsay Lohan.

So I reckon I know who Paris would have wanted to bed in Jakarta.

But don’t worry, Julia – you’ll get your chance. There will be a next time okay!!! Hahaha!