D’Love Movie with Aurelie Moeremans and Rebecca Reijman

Indonesia is some way behind more enlightened countries when it comes to the prickly problem of whether or not to recognize “gay marriage”.

And that’s not gonna change anytime soon.

So any sort of film that brings taboo issues like this out into the open needs to be commended – and especially if it features the talents of Indonesian starlets like Aurelie Moeremans and Rebecca Reijman.

And this film doesn’t just go beyond the realms of plausibility, but turns reality onto its head, creating a sort of absurd parody of the Big Durian.

Take Elmo for example. He’s the kid of an absurdly rich corrupter. So what does he decide to do? Well, leave his parent’s luxury home and live on the streets. Yeah, right!

And then there’s Aprilia (Aurelie Moeremans). She is, well, beautiful. And the daughter of a maid who’s been adopted by Baskara (Ahmad Albar), a wealthy gay.

So she falls in love with Elmo, who being a street dude is obviously a big catch for the ladies as he also hooks up with the hot and sexy Neina (Rebecca Reijman).

And so a nice little triangular love story develops. Way to go!

D’Love Movie with Aurelie Moeremans and Rebecca Reijman