The Krisdayanti kiss (cium)

Everyone likes a kiss.

But caution is advised: get it wrong when you first kiss and the girl won't want to see you again. Get it right, however, and the future will look much brighter.

Indonesian singer Krisdayanti is renowned for her kissing prowess and here are some of her tips:

1) Choose the right place to kiss. Kissing in a public place is risky but hotels are expensive. The solution? Be old-fashioned and get things going at home!

2) Brush your teeth well. And use listermint! After all, kissing is a highly intimate activity and the odors of a spicey Indonesian lunch can deflate an intimate moment as quickly as a nail in your car tire.

3) As for the act itself - take its slowly at first and gradually build up momentum.

4) Close your eyes if you like! If you kiss with your eyes open, girls might think you have other things on your mind (like football). And that is certainly not in your favor!

5) There are many ways to kiss, but French kissing will always be held in the greatest regard. But remember: girls don't have gills - so let 'em breathe from time to time!!!

Krisdayanti shows how it is done

Other famous Indonesian kisses

Enno Lerian in ‘Selimut Berdarah’

Enno Lerian in ‘Selimut Berdarah’
Three hot ladies lying down in a film called Selimut Berdarah (Blooded Sheets) and I thought it was a movie about losing your cherry on wedding night!

How stupid of me!

Nope, what we have here is another utterly absurd Indonesian horror movie in the “Slasher” vein with a plot about as logical as anatidaephobia (the fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you).

The film centers on smoking hot Ria (Enno Lerian), who just so happens to live on a tropical island (which one I wonder?), and one night cross paths with a bunch of kids whose body parts are to be sold by a nasty man named Rehmen.

Luckily for the kids, Ria manages to free them all but for reasons that only the movie makers could think of, she decides she needs to solicit help from a guy who suffers short term memory syndrome (the aptly named Dicky) to uncover the truth about Rehmen’s sinister intentions.

Well, I did say it was absurd, didn’t I!!!

Enno Lerian
Pinkan Mambo
Roy Marten
Dimaz Andrean
Melina Zafar
Adhi Pawitra

Enno Lerian in ‘Selimut Berdarah’From head to toe, Enno Lerian attracts a lot of interest

Happy Salma is a happy hooker!

Happy to be a Hooker?

Well Happy Salma certainly is, as that will be her role in the movie 7 Hati 7 Cinta Wanita (Seven Hearts, Seven Loves, Seven Women).

Happy plays the role of Yanti, a 22-year-old university graduate who becomes a hooker as she is “looking for her identity” – and a little extra cash of course.

Happy Salma
Happy hasn’t disclosed her fee, but her compensation is said to be “substantial”.

But who can say she doesn’t deserve it!