Julia Perez and Istri Bo’ongan film review

This film puts an interesting twist on the conventional “Meet the Parents” theme to create a movie plot only slightly less believable than Ariel or Luna Maya’s version of events in the ongoing sex video saga.

Okay. So what we have here is a young chap (Arya) who has promised to introduce his girlfriend (Amara) to his parents after not seeing them for over two years.

But Arya is very, very nervous about the whole thing.

Now why could this be?

sexy Julia Perez (not bugil) and Istri Bo’ongan film review
Well, you might be thinking it’s because Amara - with her tattoos and revealing clothes - is just not the “sort of girl you want to take home to meet your parents”.

But you’d be wrong.

Cos what really worries Arya is that Amara is a successful career woman!!

And his parents wouldn’t like that would they?!

So what does Arya do? Well, he persuades an equally sexy girl (called Fani) to pretend to be his girlfriend and to agree to meet his parents in place of Amara. For a cool Rp30 million - naturally.

Now, for that sort of money Fani (what a silly name that is) would probably be willing to do a lot more than just meet his parents but Arya, good chap that he is, doesn’t press the point.

But on the way to his parent’s house in Magelang, the inevitable happens of course, and Arya falls in love with Fani.

Uh oh….

sexy Julia Perez
Julia Perez: Would you take her home to meet your parents?

Istri Bo’ongan stars (sic): Fahrani, Dwi Sasono, Julia Perez, Jessica Iskandar, Joe Ricard, Tarzan Srimulat (Tarzan? Wtf!!!), Bari Binrang.