Ratu Kostmopolitan film review

The Americans have Charlie's Angels.

But we have Ratu Kostmopolitan – three beautiful girls, who use their unique fighting skills to battle against a bunch of thugs who are trying to get the three girls to leave their boarding house.

 Ratu kostmopolitan film review
Expert cook Gina (Luna Maya) uses pots and pans as her weapons, while aerobics instructor Tari (Tyas Mirasih) contorts her admirably elastic body to great effect. The other girl – tattoo artist Zizi (Imey Liem) - doesn’t stab the thugs with needles (as you might expect) but instead makes use of her black magic prowess (don't laugh: this is Java, remember).

Nope, Ratu Kostmopolitan doesn’t seek to challenge you in the same way as say, the latest Shrek film does, but instead delights in its own mediocrity, putting the charms of the talented actresses above all else…

 Luna Maya

 Tyas Mirasih
Luna Maya and Tyas Mirasih both have exceptional talents