Arumi Bachsin: on the run!

A fashion photographer once commented that Arumi Bachsin was "one of the most beautiful models he’d ever met".

And many would agree with him.

But now she’s on the run!

According to reports, the young beauty finally decided to pack her bags and do a runner as she couldn’t stand being “exploited” by her parents any longer.

But where has she gone?

Well, initially it was believed that she had gone to stay with some of her naked friends who starred with her in the infamous sexploitation film 18 plus plus.

 Arumi Bachsin in 18 plusArumi and friends enjoying the good times

But this doesn’t seem to be the case and Arumi’s friends said they hadn’t seen her.

But where else could she possibly go? Well, she certainly would need money – meaning she would also need a job.

But what sort of job can she do if she doesn’t like acting anymore?

Well, we looked far and wide and still couldn’t find her!

But then someone said they had spotted her at Tanah Abang.

Working as a preman and parking cars!

No, we didn’t believe this either. But could it be true?

Arumi Bachsin:Terus, terus, terus… kiri, kiri, kiri!!!!!!!!!!!!!