Leylarey Lesesne: sexy notoriety

In the cutthroat world of the Indonesian celebrity circus, fame and fortune are the only thing that matters.

But only a few celebs ever really “make it” to the “big time”; the large majority of them are left to die a slow and miserable death like a beached whale on a Bali beach.

In such cases, their reach exceeds their grasp. Yes they have talents but not so far above the average that they are able to succeed by the light of natural brilliance alone.

They arrive on the scene, arouse some attention for a short while, and then simply disappear from the public eye.

So what can be done to avoid this terrible fate?

Well, large numbers of them turn into schemers, betraying their fellow celebs, stabbing them (metaphorically or otherwise) in the back, and just generally behaving in a really bitchy way.

But there are also a smaller number who will seek notoriety - since it is so much easier to be exceptionally bad than to be exceptionally good.

A perfectly sensible approach of course.

After all: if you can’t play the lover, you have to play the villain, right?

 Leylarey Lesesne but not bugil or terlanjang  Leylarey Lesesne with a smile and sunglasses

 Leylarey Lesesne kissing but not bugil or terlanjang Enjoying the moment (aka watch what you’re doing with that hand)

 Leylarey Lesesne tattoo, not bugil or terlanjangNotoriety and tattoos go together like gin and tonic