The God Babe movie and Revalina S Temat

How would you feel if you woke up one morning to find the delightful Ola (Revalina S Temat) warming the sheets next to you?

 Revalina S Temat
Very happy of course!

But also very surprised if you didn’t know her!

A truly bizarre state of affairs but the basis of a titillating Indonesian sex comedy served up by our friends at Kanta Film.

 The God Babe movie
In the film Ola doesn’t recognise Riyo (Tora Sudiro) either. So she accuses him of abducing her in order to take unapproved carnal advantage of her undeniably curvatous body.

Definitely rocky grounds for an amorous relationship one might think, but the bad feelings are quickly forgotten and Mat Jago (Ola’s father) is insistent that Riyo does the honourable thing and marry his lovely daughter.

Arr… a happy ending.

For Riyo at least! Hahaha!

Also starring: Tyas Mirasih