Arisan Brondong, Bella Saphira & Heather Storm

Although they are not supposed to, Indonesians love a punt.

So every so often, groups of Indonesians get together in a unique social gathering in which they conduct what can only be called a private lottery or betting pool (the local term for the activity is arisan).

Each member of the group contributes a similar amount of money, it is added to the pot, and then the name of the lucky winner is drawn.

The winner gets to take the cash home of course.

But arisan is not really gambling in its purest form because the names of the winners are progressively removed from the pot - meaning that everyone wins once in one cycle of the lottery (which varies depending on how many people enter).

Arisan groups are particularly popular among housewives and upper class women who use these social events for gossip and bragging opportunities:

Life is a lottery. Get lucky and you get the girl. But which one?

Who would you rather go to bed with?
Bella Saphira
Heather Storm

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