Jenny Cortez's stunning bikini shot

This is the sensational Jenny Cortez shot that everyone is talking about.

Jenny Cortez bikini
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Is Julia Perez too sexy to become a politician?

Now this is good news: one of Indonesia’s hottest showbiz stars, the irrepressible Julia Perez is set to become a politician!

 Julia perez not bugil, kapanlagi
Eight parties, including Hanura, Gerindra and the National Resurrection Party (PKB), asked Jupe to be their candidate in Pacitan even though she was not born or even raised in the East Java district.


 julie perez bikini sexy hot
But is the bikini clad star really up for it? Does she have the intellectual acumen and strategic insights necessary to formulate crucial economic and social polices at the local level?

Well here is what she has to say:

“I doesn’t know much about the world of government, but I am ready to learn”.

But what sort of policies will she advocate?

Well, if she needs some ideas perhaps she could consider the ones below:

Policy ideas for Julia's political manifesto

1. End Censorship
• Bring about the establishment of a truly national classification scheme which includes a special rating for Indonesian erotica.
• Introduce an R and X rating for computer games.
• NO Internet censorship in Indonesia - and return Internet censorship to parents and individuals.

2. Equality
• To enact national anti-discrimination laws which make it illegal to unfairly discriminate against people or companies on the basis of job, occupation, profession or calling.
• To hold a referendum to create mandatory equal numbers of men and women in Indonesia’s parliament.
• To create total equal rights in all areas of the law for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people.
• Overturn racist laws against foreigners.

3. Health
• To enact national pregnancy termination laws.
• Government to provide subsidies for performance drugs like Viagra and Cialis.
• Free condoms to keep birth rates low and to prevent “hamil sebelum menikah”.

 kumpulan gambar Julia perez
Julia should support the idea of free condoms to keep birth rates low

Jakarta, the Sexy City

Jakarta, the Sexy City
Poppy comes to Jakarta but doesn’t find the sidewalks paved in gold – in fact mostly she doesn’t even find any sidewalks at all – just open drains that are occasionally coverage by stone slabs.

Yes she’s sexy and yes she ends up working in a bar (what else is there for her to do?). From then on in it’s a tale of drugs and debt and even a little bit of striptease chucked in – just for good measure.

And so a confused Poppy has to make a choice: Friendship, Love or Virginity?

Well that’s a difficult question to answer.

Especially when you only have two options!

Starring: Ardina Rasty, Michella Adlen Ladouceur, Jamsa Prajasasmita

The God Babe movie and Revalina S Temat

How would you feel if you woke up one morning to find the delightful Ola (Revalina S Temat) warming the sheets next to you?

 Revalina S Temat
Very happy of course!

But also very surprised if you didn’t know her!

A truly bizarre state of affairs but the basis of a titillating Indonesian sex comedy served up by our friends at Kanta Film.

 The God Babe movie
In the film Ola doesn’t recognise Riyo (Tora Sudiro) either. So she accuses him of abducing her in order to take unapproved carnal advantage of her undeniably curvatous body.

Definitely rocky grounds for an amorous relationship one might think, but the bad feelings are quickly forgotten and Mat Jago (Ola’s father) is insistent that Riyo does the honourable thing and marry his lovely daughter.

Arr… a happy ending.

For Riyo at least! Hahaha!

Also starring: Tyas Mirasih

Terekam the movie (feat. Julia Perez)

Still remember the Blair Witch Project?

I’m sure you do – even if it was released more than 10 years ago. The three young student filmmakers who hike into the Black Hills near Burkittsville, Maryland to film a documentary about a local legend known as the Blair Witch, and subsequently go missing one by one?

And now we have Terekam. A sort of Indonesian take on the Blair Witch Project.

Terekam the movie Starring Olga Lydia, Julia Perez, Monique Henry
The big difference though is that the three filmmakers are all sexy Indonesian women – Olga Lydia, Monique Henry and – would you believe it – the inimitable Julia Perez!

The madness begins when the sexy model Olga Lydia decides (for some reason that only she can know) that she wants to shoot a horror film.

So Olga gets a couple of her sexiest looking mates - Monique Henry and Julia Perez (Jupe) – to join her in her gorefest quest.

Soon they end up in a house which belongs to Siska (Olga’s friend), and it’s then that the really weird shit starts to happen.

Not a great film but fans of Jupe won’t want to miss it!

Starring (sic): Olga Lydia, Julia Perez, Monique Henry

Leylarey Lesesne: sexy notoriety

In the cutthroat world of the Indonesian celebrity circus, fame and fortune are the only thing that matters.

But only a few celebs ever really “make it” to the “big time”; the large majority of them are left to die a slow and miserable death like a beached whale on a Bali beach.

In such cases, their reach exceeds their grasp. Yes they have talents but not so far above the average that they are able to succeed by the light of natural brilliance alone.

They arrive on the scene, arouse some attention for a short while, and then simply disappear from the public eye.

So what can be done to avoid this terrible fate?

Well, large numbers of them turn into schemers, betraying their fellow celebs, stabbing them (metaphorically or otherwise) in the back, and just generally behaving in a really bitchy way.

But there are also a smaller number who will seek notoriety - since it is so much easier to be exceptionally bad than to be exceptionally good.

A perfectly sensible approach of course.

After all: if you can’t play the lover, you have to play the villain, right?

 Leylarey Lesesne but not bugil or terlanjang  Leylarey Lesesne with a smile and sunglasses

 Leylarey Lesesne kissing but not bugil or terlanjang Enjoying the moment (aka watch what you’re doing with that hand)

 Leylarey Lesesne tattoo, not bugil or terlanjangNotoriety and tattoos go together like gin and tonic

Zaskia Adya Mecca: Sudah hamil!!

The Jakarta Post reports that six months after marrying movie director Hanung Bramantyo, actress Zaskia Adya Mecca is now pregnant:

But despite her pregnancy she still intends to carry on working:

“Next week, I will be going to Bangkok and Bali for some commercial shoots,” she said. “But I’m planning to take some medicine to keep my baby healthy.”

Besides taking medication, Zaskia has been adhering to a strict diet, staying away from junk food and canned drinks.

“I’m only eating healthy foods,” she said.

Good for her. And let’s hope she stops smoking as well!

Zaskia Adya Mecca rokok
Don't smoke if you're pregnant - it's not healthy for the baby.

Arisan Brondong, Bella Saphira & Heather Storm

Although they are not supposed to, Indonesians love a punt.

So every so often, groups of Indonesians get together in a unique social gathering in which they conduct what can only be called a private lottery or betting pool (the local term for the activity is arisan).

Each member of the group contributes a similar amount of money, it is added to the pot, and then the name of the lucky winner is drawn.

The winner gets to take the cash home of course.

But arisan is not really gambling in its purest form because the names of the winners are progressively removed from the pot - meaning that everyone wins once in one cycle of the lottery (which varies depending on how many people enter).

Arisan groups are particularly popular among housewives and upper class women who use these social events for gossip and bragging opportunities:

Life is a lottery. Get lucky and you get the girl. But which one?

Who would you rather go to bed with?
Bella Saphira
Heather Storm

Free polls from

Sigi Wimala and having an Affair

Roy lagi omong sama dua temannya.

Budi omong duluan: “Saya berfikir isteri saya main sama tukang. Kemarin saya ketemu sebuah obeng yg bukan milik saya dibawah tempat tidurku!”

“Gila!” bekata Dimas. “Saya curiga isteri saya main sama mechanik. Kemarin saya ketemu sebuah spanner yg bukan milik saya dibawah tempat tidurku!”

Lalu Roy omong: “Saya berfikir isteri saya main sama kuda!”

Dua temannya lihat dia aneh.

“Ya ya,” bekata Roy. “Kemarin saya pulang dan ketemu seorang jockey dibawah tempat tidurku!”


Sigi Wimala takes news of the affair badly…

 Sigi Wimala in affair movie

But she’s happy again now!

 Sigi Wimala in affair movie
 Sigi Wimala in affair movie

Belum Cukup Umur (Under Age) Movie

Seorang cewek muda hamil tidak sengaja. Dia takut dan mengakui kehamilannya kepada ibunya.

Ibunya marah sekali.

“Siapalah nama anjing yang hamilin kamu!!” “Saya harus tahu!!!”

Putrinya lalu angkat telepon dan telepon seorang.

Setengah jam lagi, sebuah mobil Ferrari berhenti persis di depan rumah mereka di Depok.

Seorang laki yang rapi keluar mobilnya. Dia masuk rumah.

Lalu si laki itu omong terus terang kepada mereka bertiga.

“Selamat sore. Anakmu sudah jelas kepada saya masalahnya. Tapi saya ngak bisa menikah dia. Orang tua saya tidak setuju. Tapi saya akan tanggung jawab dan nanti - setelah bayi itu lahir - saya akan kasih dua toko, satu rumah mewak di Pondok Indah, satu villa di Bali, dan 5 milliar rupiah sebagai appreciasi kasih saya anak. Apalagi, kalau twins, saya akan kasih 10 milliar rupiah. Tetapi, kalau guguran apa saya harus buat?”

Si papa yang sampai ini diam saja, berdiri dan taruh tangan di atas bahu si laki itu dan berkata:

“Kamu harus coba bikin bayi lagi!!!”


Jangan hamil sebelum menikah!

Belum Cukup Umur (Under Age) Movie
Itulah message dari film baru Belum Cukup Umur (Under Age).

Cast: Joanna Alexandra, Zidni Adam, Mentari

Would you want to take out Nikita Mirzani?

 Would you want to take out Nikita Mirzani?
Of course you would!

She is so hot and sexy that she would make a very good date.

But it’s not all been an “easy ride” for this self-confessed material girl - she’s also had to endure some pretty painful experiences as well.

And most recently she was burned with an electric thermos.

As she writes on her Facebook page:

Sory 4 sounding Jng prh percaya lagi sama muka inosent nya KIKI the POTTRs. Lengan aku di tempel termos listrik. Luka yng ga akan prn hilang,dan jadi berbekas slamanya. Makasi yah syg.kmu ksh aku kenang2an yng ga bisa aku luapiiim”

 Would you want to take out Nikita Mirzani? Nikita Mirzani says thanks for her latest body marking: even though it’s not a tattoo this time!

Kain Kafan Perawan (The Virgin’s Shroud) Movie

After the horrors (sic) of “The Menstruating Ghost” aka Hantu Puncak Datang Bulan we now have another sex-horror movie to look forward to. This time the gore and whore are provided in equally generous proportions in a simply exquisite production by the fine folk at Rapi Film.

 Kain Kafan Perawan (The Virgin’s Shroud) Movie
The plot centers on a bunch of youths who make an amateur movie at a railway station and later discover “demons” on the footage when the movie is played back.

Thinking they can make money from this discovery, they return to take more video footage but are then all killed by the demons - expect for Rasty.

Rasty’s only hope? To find the girl who was long ago raped and killed at the train station. Then – and only then – can Rasti end the terrible curse by burning the poor girl’s shroud.

But is Rasty up to it? Well you’ll have to watch the film to find out…

 Adina Rasti in Kain Kafan Perawan Rasty: under pressure to find the virgin’s shroud

Starring (sic): Adina Rasti, Ratu Felisha, Sarah Jane and Smitha Anjani.