Sinta Bachir: dreams do come true!

A lot of good looking Indonesian girls leave their hometowns expecting the streets of Jakarta to be paved with gold – or even paved at all! – but still find fame and fortune an elusive aspiration. So close yet so far. Just like the gold at the top of the National Monument (Monas) – sometimes you see it up there and think you can just reach out and grab it, but when you do… nothing.

But Sinta’s story is not like this.

Because she has made it in the Big Durian after leaving her hometown of Semarang in Central Java!

Besides breaking into the wacky world of Indonesian sinetron, Sinta Bachir has also featured in two feature films, Time and the highly controversial Suster Keramas, which stars the Japanese AV star Rin Sakuragi .

So well done Sinta!

Sinta Bachir sexy pic
Sinta certainly has what it takes to become a huge star!