Shareefa Daanish in Rumah Dara

 Rumah Dara This is an Indonesian version of a typically brutal “slash-em-all” movie (such as The Hills Have Eyes) and is generating a fair amount of interest in Indonesia at the moment.

So what do you have?

Well, a bunch of people screaming as maniacs wield knives, chainsaws and other sharp objects.

And blood. Lots of it. Blood everywhere: oozing, squirting, splattering everything around.

Hell. You don’t want to watch this horrific (sic) rubbish.

You might as well go to an abattoir instead!

Having said that, the film does feature two notable Indonesian actresses, the first being the inimitable Julie Estelle, and the other being the lesser known, but equally as talented Shareefa Daanish:

 Shareefa Daanish Shareefa is no Danish Pastry.

Unlike her name might suggest, Shareefa Daanish is not Danish, although, interestingly enough, she does have European connections and was born in London, England.