Diperkosa Setan (Raped by Saitan)

 Diperkosa Setan

Yet another fine Indonesian film.


Rico is a handsome young chap but unknown to his family and friends he also has a bit of the “Tiger Woods” spirit in him and is always changing partners. But karma shall be done and the sweaty fun comes to a bloody end when Rico is murdered by a kuntilanak.

Now fast forward a couple of years and a young and sexy 22-year old lass called Marsya is looking for work because she needs to pay for her younger sister’s medical treatment after both their parents tragically pass away.

Marsya’s boarding room is the one where Rico used to stay (surprise surprise!), and guess what? Yep, that’s right: good old Rico decides that a comeback is in order - but as some sort of reincarnation of the devil! (So that’s what happens if you screw around a lot! Shit – I knew there was a catch!)

Rico is more than a little surprised to find a half-naked vixen in his old room but naturally doesn’t think twice about taking advantage of her in a way that only a depraved and insatiable devil could. Nice.

With the best part of the story out of the way, it’s pretty much downhill from here on to be honest - and probably a good time to turn your attention to the girl sitting next to you in the cinema…

Starring (sic):
Cynthiara Alona, Teguh Julianto, Amastur, Anggun.

NB: Saitan is the Arabic word for Satan. Why it’s used in the English title I haven’t a clue.