Diperkosa Setan (Raped by Saitan)

 Diperkosa Setan

Yet another fine Indonesian film.


Rico is a handsome young chap but unknown to his family and friends he also has a bit of the “Tiger Woods” spirit in him and is always changing partners. But karma shall be done and the sweaty fun comes to a bloody end when Rico is murdered by a kuntilanak.

Now fast forward a couple of years and a young and sexy 22-year old lass called Marsya is looking for work because she needs to pay for her younger sister’s medical treatment after both their parents tragically pass away.

Marsya’s boarding room is the one where Rico used to stay (surprise surprise!), and guess what? Yep, that’s right: good old Rico decides that a comeback is in order - but as some sort of reincarnation of the devil! (So that’s what happens if you screw around a lot! Shit – I knew there was a catch!)

Rico is more than a little surprised to find a half-naked vixen in his old room but naturally doesn’t think twice about taking advantage of her in a way that only a depraved and insatiable devil could. Nice.

With the best part of the story out of the way, it’s pretty much downhill from here on to be honest - and probably a good time to turn your attention to the girl sitting next to you in the cinema…

Starring (sic):
Cynthiara Alona, Teguh Julianto, Amastur, Anggun.

NB: Saitan is the Arabic word for Satan. Why it’s used in the English title I haven’t a clue.

Shanty denies marriage to Sebastian Paredes on twitter!!!

Shanty has denied rumors on Twitter that she had quietly married Sebastian Paredes, saying – wait for it - he is her “HONEY”.

Sweet. Sweet!!!!!

He’s my “honey”. Not my husband. Okay? Comprehendo?!!!!!!

Mey Chan: bugil? Aduh!!!!!!!

According to the latest news reports, the sexy singer Mey Chan of the female two-girl group “Duo Maia” has been arrested by the Fashion Police.

 Mey Chan
“After repeated violations of severe fashion misconduct, Mey Chan has been taken in for questioning,” said the Head of the Fashion Police.

“The action was necessary considering the negative impact she may have on her many fans”.

“She must change her ways: go to a fashion school and learn how to dress properly”.

But Mey Chan is not happy and is considering a protest.

No, not a hunger strike.

But a clothes strike!!!!!! Hahaha!!!!!!!

 Mey Chan, bugil, seksiMey Chan is upset about being told she doesn’t have good fashion sense

Marsha Timothy and standing akimbo

Someone once told me that an incredible 80 per cent of communication was achieved through body language (rather than talking).

But body language can be negative as well as positive and you’ve got to be careful to get it right.

Perhaps the worst thing you can do in Indonesia is stand with your hands on your hips.

That’s really not good and people will take it as a show of arrogance -

- although there’s always an exception to every rule of course!

Marsha Timothy and standing akimbo
Indonesia's etiquette rules are made to be broken says Marsha Timothy

Aurelie Moeremans

If we could compare Indonesian celebrities to chocolate I’m sure that the likes of Julia Perez and the very sexy Jennifer Dunn would fall into the American camp - very sweet but rather unrefined and ultimately, it must be said, rather sickly. Yucks!

At the other end of the scale, however, is Belgium chocolate. Mysteriously dark, sophisticated and utterly irresistible, this is the chocolate that best reminds us of celebrities such as the delectable Aurelie Moeremans, a stunning young mixed-blood (Indonesia-Belgium) model who spent much of her youth in the oft-lampooned European country (especially by the Dutch).

Aurelie Moeremans
“Anyone for a chocolate?” asks Aurelie Moeremans. “A soft centered one perhaps?”

Jennifer Dunn: Kiss me!!!!!!!!

Okay, ready to sing?

Well here goes then. It’s Sixpence None The Richer and “Kiss me”.

Three, two, one….

Kiss me behind the iron bars
Lead me out on the concrete floor
Lift your open hand
Strike up the band and make the mosquitos dance
The prison lights are sparkling
So kiss me

So kiss me...
So kiss me...
So kiss me...

Sinta Bachir: dreams do come true!

A lot of good looking Indonesian girls leave their hometowns expecting the streets of Jakarta to be paved with gold – or even paved at all! – but still find fame and fortune an elusive aspiration. So close yet so far. Just like the gold at the top of the National Monument (Monas) – sometimes you see it up there and think you can just reach out and grab it, but when you do… nothing.

But Sinta’s story is not like this.

Because she has made it in the Big Durian after leaving her hometown of Semarang in Central Java!

Besides breaking into the wacky world of Indonesian sinetron, Sinta Bachir has also featured in two feature films, Time and the highly controversial Suster Keramas, which stars the Japanese AV star Rin Sakuragi .

So well done Sinta!

Sinta Bachir sexy pic
Sinta certainly has what it takes to become a huge star!

Seksi Tia Azhari and bilateral relations

Tia Azhari is pretty much the forgotten sister of the Azhari Clan.

But perhaps that’s not surprising.

Because while her sisters (Rahma, Sarah and Ayu) all stayed at home, Tia left Indonesia for greener, foreign pastures and currently lives in LA (no that’s NOT Lenteng Agung but Los Angeles!!!)

As for the Americans, they apparently took an instant liking to Tia’s not inconsiderable attractions and have even asked her to invite her sisters over to Uncle Sam as well –

Good news for bilateral relations don’t you think?

Shareefa Daanish in Rumah Dara

 Rumah Dara This is an Indonesian version of a typically brutal “slash-em-all” movie (such as The Hills Have Eyes) and is generating a fair amount of interest in Indonesia at the moment.

So what do you have?

Well, a bunch of people screaming as maniacs wield knives, chainsaws and other sharp objects.

And blood. Lots of it. Blood everywhere: oozing, squirting, splattering everything around.

Hell. You don’t want to watch this horrific (sic) rubbish.

You might as well go to an abattoir instead!

Having said that, the film does feature two notable Indonesian actresses, the first being the inimitable Julie Estelle, and the other being the lesser known, but equally as talented Shareefa Daanish:

 Shareefa Daanish Shareefa is no Danish Pastry.

Unlike her name might suggest, Shareefa Daanish is not Danish, although, interestingly enough, she does have European connections and was born in London, England.