Jenny Cortez and having a shower

Taking a shower the Indonesian way is rather refreshing.

In fact, you don’t really shower yourself at all.

Instead you literally scoop the water out of a large tub filled with water, and chuck it over your head and body.

This can be very refreshing in hot lowland cities, but in a cooler place like Bandung or Malang it can be quite snappy.

No wonder then that more Indonesians prefer Western bathrooms with their hot water facilities.

Just like Jenny Cortez.

 Jenny Cortez lagi mandi...................What a splash!

NB: Jenny Cortez has received much-deserved acclaim for her steamy performance in Maxima Pictures’s recent skin flick, Air Terjun Penngantin ( also starring Tamara Blezinsky).

Here’s a taste of what Jenny got prone to:

 Jenny Cortez Air Terjun Penngantin
And here’s another fine shot of Jenny showing her tremendous potential.

 Jenny Cortez
Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone about this pic, okay? :)