Cewek cewek XL baru!

Sharen won the hearts and minds of many cellphone users for her simply stunning appearance in a series of XL ads in which she wears a body hugging orange T-shirt and charges only Rp1/sec.

But time has moved on and the lovely Sharen now appears to be discarded.

Not that she didn’t cut it, I reckon, but perhaps because she simply aroused too much interest! Hahaha!

And that can’t have been good for public safety as the ads were often posted up on huge billboards in Jakarta:

Watch out! You’re gonna hit something if you don’t look were you’re driving!

In the new ads, the T shirts worn by the gaggle of XL girls are noticeably less tight than the one worn by Sharen.

And they also don’t charge by the second but instead offer their services for free!

And that’s got to be good news.

For road safety at least!