Sexy Fahrani: the tattoo and Perjaka Terakhir

Once reserved for sailors, premen and the occasional hook-er, tattoos are now getting much more popular in Indonesia.

And even *good* girls are getting them done.

Usually they are on either the upper shoulder or lower back.

Butterflies, flowers, and suns are popular designs.

But few girls go as far as the leggy Indonesian model Fahrani.

At first sight there don’t seem to be too many:

But just look at her left arm!

And as for her back, well, she doesn’t mess around does she!

Despite the allures of Fahrani, don’t bother watching the film Perjaka Terakhir (The Last Virgin) – it’s utter crap and even less interesting than having to watch old footage from one of those Suharto “speeches” he made at some elementary school back in the 1990s...