Tamara Blezinsky in Air Terjun Pengantin


We can criticize our Indonesian actresses all we like, but we cannot say they are not dedicated.

Take Tamara Blezinsky for example.

The producers of the new horror film Air Terjun Pengantin wanted her to have dark skin, so she went sunbathing every day in the scorching hot sun in the month before shooting!

And her skin went really dark.

So well done Tamara!

Chocolate? Doesn’t it taste great!

 Tamara Blezinsky Getting ready it seems… Hmm, what’s going to come next I wonder?

 Tamara Blezinsky
Oh my God! What is she doing?!!!!!!!

Battle of the Sexy Indonesian DJs: Alice Norin, Devina and Milinka

John Peel was known for his eclectic tastes in music and won a loyal following among disaffected youths across England during the upheavals of the Thatcher era.

But quite what he’d make of this trio of sexy Indonesian DJs is anyone’s guess!

1) DJ Devina. As her name suggests, this divine creature is worthy of dedicated and regular worship. And I’m sure you agree:

 DJ Devina

2) DJ Milinka. This leggy wonder babe stays in shape by playing with big red balls. But who’s to say her novel approach to fitness hasn’t paid off?

 DJ Milinka

3) DJ Alice Sophie Norin. Alice Sophie Norin has won widespread acclaim for her good taste in clothes among other things.

 DJ Alice Sophie Norin

Who is Indonesia's sexiest DJ?
DJ Devina
DJ Milinka
DJ Alice Sophie Norin
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Setianti Dwi Retno: Rest in Peace

The good die young. How often have you heard that been said? Marilyn Monroe (36), Lady Di (36), Kurt Cobain (27), Alda Risma (24), and now, the beautiful but largely unknown model Setianti Dwi Retno (or to her friends Tia), who has been found dead at Apartemen Mediterania tower H floor 25 HE, believed murdered.

According to television reports she had been hit on the back of the head with some sort of blunt object. This caused her death.

There is no information about what she was doing in the apartment – or who she was with – but in most cases like this the murderer is almost always known by the victim.

A crime of passion?

Well, we will have to wait and see.

 Setianti Dwi Retno
Tia’s photo from her Friendster account

Sexy Fahrani: the tattoo and Perjaka Terakhir

Once reserved for sailors, premen and the occasional hook-er, tattoos are now getting much more popular in Indonesia.

And even *good* girls are getting them done.

Usually they are on either the upper shoulder or lower back.

Butterflies, flowers, and suns are popular designs.

But few girls go as far as the leggy Indonesian model Fahrani.

At first sight there don’t seem to be too many:

But just look at her left arm!

And as for her back, well, she doesn’t mess around does she!

Despite the allures of Fahrani, don’t bother watching the film Perjaka Terakhir (The Last Virgin) – it’s utter crap and even less interesting than having to watch old footage from one of those Suharto “speeches” he made at some elementary school back in the 1990s...


Asmirandah and the Axe effect

the Axe effect

Spray it on and the chicks will be over you like flies on a freshly laid dog turd.

Yep folks, this is marketing that works and it does so because most guys will do anything to increase their chances of getting laid – especially if it only costs them a few bucks.

So don’t delay: head off to your local drugstore for a can of the fabled body spray now.

And who knows – you might get lucky right?

 Asmirandah No wonder more guys in Indonesia are wearing Axe.

Sheila Marcia in Pondok Bambu prison!

Despite being in the early stages of pregnancy (father unknown), some recent pictures reportedly taken at the Pondok Bambu prison for drug offenders seem to show that Sheila Marcia is doing her best to keep fit:

Sheila Marcia Wow! Those early morning exercises are certainly helping to ease the worries of this expectant mum!