Menculik Miyabi

The latest craze to hit Indonesia is a young Japanese lady called Maria Ozawa (or better known as Miyabi):

 Maria Ozawa, Menculik Miyabi
But looks can be deceiving, and despite her undeniably sweet and cute face, Miyabi makes her living from Japanese AV, a bizarre world in which sexy ladies do the strangest things unimaginable.

Yep unimaginable. And I mean really unimaginable.

Now I won’t delve into it too deeply (sorry!) but I will say that her first "inte##acial" title was called Multiple Bl#ck R#pe and it was released by Dasdas in May 2008 (no googling please: Minister for Communication and Information Technology Mohammad Nuh would NOT be pleased).

And after a series of “conventional films” she then recorded the infamous and highly controversial film Shemale O#gy Gan#ba#g R#pe (with three transsexual actresses naturally), followed by a film in the Japanese por#n tentacle r#pe genre called, unimaginatively enough, Monster Swallowing Ecstasy Maria Ozawa.

Anyway, the lovely lass is due over at the end of October to record footage for an Indonesian film called Menculik Miyabi (kidnapping Miyabi). For her services – none of which will be sexual you should understand – she stands to net a cool Rp1 billion.

Monster tentacles anyone? Yummy!