Fauzi Baadilah: red tape on 9 Naga

There’s lots of red tape in Indonesia and it gets everywhere.

Even into films and onto Fauzi Baadilla's belly button – admittedly objectionable content but hardly likely to corrupt the nation’s youth.

At the same time, the authorities didn’t like the tagline of the film either.

Entitled "Manusia terbaik di Indonesia adalah seorang penjahat" (The best man in Indonesia is a criminal) – it probably is just a tad too close to the truth :) - and all the posters had to be taped over only a month prior to the film's release (New Order style).

In his love life Fauzi Baadilah has also seen red and married the beautiful Uzbekistan model Senk Lotta.

So far she’s avoided the red tape over her body parts but experienced the red tape at immigration where she was asked to pay a Rp700,000 fine for failing to have an exit permit.

Well she should have red the rules shouldn’t she? Hahaha!