Yelena Setiabudi: Will she win Miss Earth?

Miss Earth? What the heck is Miss Earth?

Yet another beauty contest of course!

But this one doesn’t get such negative press coverage as the others – not that it’s not known mind you – but because all the beautiful young ladies involved are committed to preserving the environment. Hence the name of the beauty pageant: Miss Earth.

Quite how these sexy young ladies are gonna solve the world’s environmental problems - such as global warming, deforestation, overpopulation and pollution - ain’t made clear. But hey, it doesn’t really matter does it? At least they have their hearts – and bodies – in the right place.

As for Indonesia’s contestant - Yelena Setiabudi - she was one of the first to show up in the Philippines for this year’s event.

And standing 5 feet 6 inches, this 21-year-old head turner is said by many to be one of the favorites to win the contest that takes place from November 9-27.

I’ll certainly be cheering her on. And I hope you will too.

Yelena Setiabudi: beauty with an earthy appeal