Wiwid Gunawan - Kawin kontrak


So this is the story:

Three horny teenagers - Rama (Dimas), Dika (Harry Tjan) and Jodi (Ricky) - are looking for local virgins (as you do in Indonesia). They head off to a not-too-distant Javanese village. But the catch is they only want to marry these virgins in “contractual marriages” (married Friday, over by Sunday).

However, there aren’t many virgins in the village who find these terms acceptable, and so the desperate guys turn to a chap called Kang Sono for help.

And in a jiffy he finds a suitable woman for each of them: an older woman for Jody, a masochistic chick for Dika named Euis (Wiwid Gunawan) and a pretty young lass for Rama.

But justice WILL be served and the three guys get a little more than they bargained for.

Oh well – that’s marriage of course. But at least they had their fun...


Him: Wow that was incredible!!
Her: Yeah! But just wait till you get the bill!