Spotted!!!!!! Sarah Azhari

I’ve written about Sarah Azhari before. And no doubt I’ll write about her again. Cos Indonesia’s best-loved wonder chick is certainly doing everything she can to get into the limelight.

But have her past escapades caught up with her? After all, she only just managed to avoid prison (for chucking a glass ashtray at a journalist) by appealing to a higher Court.

Earlier on 10 July the West Jakarta Court had given her a four months prison sentence.

Even so, the prospect of a short spell in a grubby Indonesian prison cell doesn’t seem to be bothering lovely Sarah. She’s living with unashamed abandon. In fact, only a few days ago she was spotted in one of Jakarta’s fancy nightclubs getting up to her usual old tricks. But good for her, I say. And thanks to the photographer who was there as well...