Lola Amaria: why should she cover up?

Indonesia really is on the brink of madness.

Because if Indonesia’s legislators, as they are expected to do, ratify a highly controversial “anti pornography” law then Indonesia really will be entering the dark ages.

Under the proposed law, kissing will be outlawed in public, and women will not be able to wear sexy clothes that reveal any part of their thighs, bum or breast. Tight jeans and tank tops would fall into the category of sexy clothes, but it is anyone’s guess how the authorities would implement such a ruling. The prospect of some sort of religious police looms large.

Anyone who dares to flaunt the ruling faces up to five years in jail.

One wonders, of course, what Indonesia’s sexy celebrities will do if the law is passed. Some will purse careers overseas I guess. Because it really would be a shame if women as beautiful as Lola Amaria had to cover up.

sexy Lola Amaria