Indonesian showdown: Tiara Lestari vs. Julia Perez

Indonesia has many famous celebrities but two of the nation's most popular startlets must be
Tiara Lestari (for her modelling career) and Julia Perez (for just about everything - including her notoriety).

But who would win first prize if they had to scrap it out, celebrity deat-hmatch style?

Here's the lowdown:

Tiara Lestari: It's difficult to believe that this dark skinned beauty was once a shy village girl. But she was. Although not any longer. She shed her inhibitions in exchange for international stardom and did some devastating photoshoots for several high profile US magazines. Those days may be behind her but her legacy lives on. Fond of leopard clothing. After one failed marriage to an Indonesian guy, she married a German.

Julia Perez: This voulumptous headturner could eat lovely Tiara for breakfast. Although reluctant to shed as much clothing as Tiara once did, JP -as she is usually known - still manages to make the headlines. Like Tiara, she also loves leopard clothing. Like Tiara, JP has experienced heartbreak only to bounce back in spectacular style.

gambar Tiara Lestari sexy Julia Perez. Not.

gambar Julia Perez sexy
Tiara Lestari. Not.

Who is hotter?
Tiara Lestari
Julia Perez
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