Agnes Monica: bad dress sense?

Agnes Monica is famous in Indonesia for her bizarre dress sense and wacky hairdos. But the 20-year old head turner doesn’t really care. And indeed - why should she?

Let's face it, she is one of the country’s highest earning celebrities, commanding huge fees for her elaborate shows. Yet it could be that this bad dress sense ultimately gives her the edge over her peers. And just like the notorious Brittany Spears, Agnes loves to play on her bad girl image as she struts her kinky stuff. But perhaps school ended too early for her. She certainly has a way with strange words. Because what the heck does “Chuxy Precious” mean?!!!

Notable soap opera credits
Pernikahan Dini (Married Too Young)
Ciuman Pertama (First Kiss)
Cewekku Jutek (My Unfriendly Girl)