Lena Magdalena: Chatmate Indonesia!


Lena Magdalena isn’t picky when it comes to men:

She’ll talk with anyone!

But that doesn’t mean she’s a loose or easy girl. No not at all. Just that she has a spot on Jakarta’s O Channel TV station as a “chatmate” and is ready to take calls from her many infatuated followers every night.

So get on the phone and chat the lovely vixon up. But don’t expect her to talk too dirty, alright?


Putri Raemawasti

Putri Raemawasti raised more than heads with her controversial decision to wear a bikini at the 2008 Miss Universe contest (traditionally Indonesian contestants wear a less revealing one-piece costume).


Unfortunately, however, Putri’s bold move was not enough to move the judges, and the young lass from Blitar in East Java failed to make it into the knockout stages of the contest.
But all in all, a good effort. Well done Putri!

Wiwid Gunawan - Kawin kontrak


So this is the story:

Three horny teenagers - Rama (Dimas), Dika (Harry Tjan) and Jodi (Ricky) - are looking for local virgins (as you do in Indonesia). They head off to a not-too-distant Javanese village. But the catch is they only want to marry these virgins in “contractual marriages” (married Friday, over by Sunday).

However, there aren’t many virgins in the village who find these terms acceptable, and so the desperate guys turn to a chap called Kang Sono for help.

And in a jiffy he finds a suitable woman for each of them: an older woman for Jody, a masochistic chick for Dika named Euis (Wiwid Gunawan) and a pretty young lass for Rama.

But justice WILL be served and the three guys get a little more than they bargained for.

Oh well – that’s marriage of course. But at least they had their fun...


Him: Wow that was incredible!!
Her: Yeah! But just wait till you get the bill!

Anggun: Indonesia’s most precious export

Few Indonesian singers have made it big overseas.

But Anggun is one of them.

Sexy Anggun, Indonesia

With her seductive voice and exotic looks, Anggun has become huge in her adopted country, France, and further a field too, in places like Germany and Italy – even if she remains pretty much anonymous in the US.

Anggun was only seven when she began performing and two years later she recorded her first album. By the time she was 17, she was already a national rock star in Indonesia.

But Anggun’s calling was global and she left Indonesia at 19 and headed for France in the hope of making it big in Europe.

Her considerable beauty attracted the attention of many admirers in France but it was Michel Georgea who managed to win the heart of this aspiring starlet.

Anggun’s first album in France was produced by Erick Benzi. He steered the singer away from her original rock influences toward a more sensual and jazzy Sade kind of sound.

But it was her huge 1997 hit Neige au Sahara (Snow on the Sahara) that really propelled Anggun into the limelight. From then on she was huge and she never looked back.

Her success culminated in the award of the prestigious "Chevalier des Arts et Lettres" for her worldwide achievements and contributions toward French culture.

And the release of 2005’s Luminescence has won her an even wider following, with the infectious single In my Mind getting a lot of airplay across Europe.

Like many singers Anggun has had a rocky love life and she is now married to Oliver Maury, a Canadian, after divorcing Michel Georgea.

Dunia Aku Punya, in Indonesian (1986)
Anak Putih Abu-Abu, in Indonesian (1991)
Nocturno, in Indonesian (1992)
Anggun C. Sasmi... Lah!!!, in Indonesian (1993)
Yang Hilang, in Indonesian (1994)
Au Nom De La Lune, in French (1997)
Snow on the Sahara (1998)
Desirs Contraires, in French (2000)
Chrysalis (2000)
Anggun (2000)
Open Heart Original Sountrack (2002)
Luminescence (2005)

Inul Daratista: Indonesia’s most controversial dangdut singer

For a while Inul Daratista was the most talked about person in Indonesia.

Although her name literally means "the girl with the breasts", it was a quite different part of her body that would bring her success.

She came to the attention of the nation with her legendary hip-gyrating dance called “the drill”, titillating most of us, but infuriating the fanatics who claimed that Inul's performances would encourage “lustful acts”.

Hailing from the East Java village of Kejapanan, Gempol, Inul’s transformation to a national star is a true rags to riches story.

Although she began her performing career as a rock singer at the age of 12, she soon switched to dangdut, a beat-happy folk-pop blend of Indian, Arab and Malay music, providing the lower classes a form of entertainment that allowed them to forget about their humdrum lives with its bawdy lyrics and sexually suggestive dancing.

But her time in the spotlight didn’t last long – she was basically a rubbish singer and not even that sexy. The general public soon bored of her forbidden dance, which despite what the fanatics said, was actually far more pneumatic than erotic. Swinging her butt in a 120° arc she was little more than a human piston, shimmering like glitter in her gaudy outfits.

And it even seems that her past performances have come back to haunt her.

Only last week, conservative dangdut legend Rhoma Irama took the opportunity to slag the poor girl off in a parliamentary commission which is deliberating a new bill on pornography.

And the poor girl couldn’t take it. She bawled her eyes out.

But she shouldn’t be too upset over how things have turned out. After all, she’s done pretty well for herself, and now lives in a huge house in the elite Jakarta district of Pondok Indah, a far cry from her humble house in Kejapanan.

So cheer up Inul. And wipe away the tears!

Inul Daratista

Karenina Mara Anderson

Not too many girls in Indonesia are daring enough to get a tattoo done, even if they want one.

Because up until only recently tattoos were completely taboo in Indonesia.

In fact, back in the days of Suharto, there was even an infamous operation by the government in the 1980s called Petrus-Penembak Misterius, in which tattooed hoodlums were rounded up by the authorities and killed.

But thankfully times have changed and tattoos are becoming more acceptable.

One Indonesian model who has gone down this path is the incredibly sensual model Karenina Mara Anderson.

But she has paid the price for her love of body art.

Because on many occasions she has been rejected for modeling assignments simply because of her tattoos.

Even so, she says she has no regrets.

Good for her, I say.

And with tattoos more in vogue now, I think she’ll soon be in big demand.

And that makes perfect sense. After all, why should she have to cover up her natural charms?

Karenina Mara Anderson
One tattoo you can see. But where are the others?

Miss Indonesia Artika Sari Devi

Artika Sari Devi is beautiful and clever. She's also proud of her country and wants to help underprivileged children.

A national icon then. Someone to admire and applaud.

Well, not exactly. Because this beauty queen is also hated by some small-minded people for her indefensible crime of, er, appearing in the 2005 Miss Universe beauty pageant wearing a swimsuit!

This was the first time in nearly a decade that an Indonesian had appeared in the contest. And it caused a fair amount of controversy, with protests staged by some Indonesian groups.

And this after the poor girl even made the concession not to wear a more revealing bikini.

But as Artika says, the contest is about more than just clothes.

And if it comes downs to brains, there is one thing that is certain: she’s a lot cleverer than the idiots who criticize her!

Miss Indonesia Artika Sari Devi

Lola Amaria: why should she cover up?

Indonesia really is on the brink of madness.

Because if Indonesia’s legislators, as they are expected to do, ratify a highly controversial “anti pornography” law then Indonesia really will be entering the dark ages.

Under the proposed law, kissing will be outlawed in public, and women will not be able to wear sexy clothes that reveal any part of their thighs, bum or breast. Tight jeans and tank tops would fall into the category of sexy clothes, but it is anyone’s guess how the authorities would implement such a ruling. The prospect of some sort of religious police looms large.

Anyone who dares to flaunt the ruling faces up to five years in jail.

One wonders, of course, what Indonesia’s sexy celebrities will do if the law is passed. Some will purse careers overseas I guess. Because it really would be a shame if women as beautiful as Lola Amaria had to cover up.

sexy Lola Amaria

Angelina Sondakh

Oh, Angie, don't you weep, all your kisses still taste sweet
I hate that sadness in your eyes
With no loving in our souls and no money in our coats
But angie, angie, ain't it time we said good-bye?
You can't say we're satisfied
With no loving in our souls and no money in our coats
But Angie, I still love you baby, ev'rywhere I look I see your eyes
You can't say we're satisfied
There ain't a woman that comes close to you, come on baby, dry your eyes
But angie, I still love you, baby...

> Mick Jagger

Angelina Sondakh, former Miss Indonesia (in 2001), has made herself look a little bit silly.

Cos a while back when she was head over heals in love with fellow celebrity and politician Adji Massaid, she decided to blog about their romance on her blog.

In her now infamous posting, “ADJI MASSAID (The man once I ignored)” she reveals her love for this man.

But she quickly stopped writing about him. And all her readers wanted to know why. But she didn’t want to tell, and so she stopped people from commenting on her blog.

Oh, Angie, don't you weep, all your kisses still taste sweet...

Novie Amelia

One of the unique features of Medan in North Sumatra are the motorized becaks that are found almost everywhere. Unlike traditional becaks, a motorized becak can take its passengers anywhere in the city.

But I bet they don’t get too many passengers as gorgeous as local headturner Novie Amelia.

Not that she’d have to pay of course.

She could go free. Cos who would want to take her money for the pleasure of giving her a long ride to where she is going?

sexy Novie Amelia bikini

Bunga Citra Lestari: still amazing

Bunga Citra Lestari was once as nice as spice. But time took its toll and it wasn't long before she was creating a sensation.

In her first foray into notoriety, she shows off her impressive stomach, although, if you look carefully, there does seem to be a fairly large scar on her midriff. How on earth did she get that, I wonder?

Bunga Citra Lestari: cewek seksi
And soon after, she was seen wearing a barely there bikini whilst enjoying the attention of a handsome young man.

Bunga Citra Lestari
And finally this:

Bunga Citra Lestari: still amazing

Nova Eliza: Aceh’s finest

Indonesia’s northernmost province of Aceh is the only Indonesian province - so far at least - to have imposed Sharia Law.

Here an act as innocuous as a loving kiss can land you in severe trouble.

... and you can even get arrested for just being in a car with the “wrong person”!

No wonder then that more and more Acehnese babes decide to leave their homeland and head for the bright lights of metropolitan Jakarta, where they can opt for something rather more revealing.

Chicks like the gorgeous soap opera actress Nova Eliza.

Spotted!!!!!! Sarah Azhari

I’ve written about Sarah Azhari before. And no doubt I’ll write about her again. Cos Indonesia’s best-loved wonder chick is certainly doing everything she can to get into the limelight.

But have her past escapades caught up with her? After all, she only just managed to avoid prison (for chucking a glass ashtray at a journalist) by appealing to a higher Court.

Earlier on 10 July the West Jakarta Court had given her a four months prison sentence.

Even so, the prospect of a short spell in a grubby Indonesian prison cell doesn’t seem to be bothering lovely Sarah. She’s living with unashamed abandon. In fact, only a few days ago she was spotted in one of Jakarta’s fancy nightclubs getting up to her usual old tricks. But good for her, I say. And thanks to the photographer who was there as well...

Nadine Chandrawinata: Must practice her English

Another Indonesian hottie in the news at the moment is Miss Indonesia for 2005: Nadine Chandrawinata.

She is representing Indonesia is this year’s Miss Universe contest which will take place in Los Angeles on Sunday 23 July.

But despite her considerable beauty she has come in for some very strong criticism by the Indonesian press for some really bad goofs in her official Miss Universe interview:

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I like to do in my sparetime is going out with my friends, with my family and sharing with the children like doing some act.. doing some activities..eh..eh.. in social work, like campaign for them and campaign for against discrimination of women, something like that.

What do you see yourself doing 10 years from now?
I see myself in 10 years a..eh. I see myself in 10 years later simply as a Nadine and eh..doing something like or eh...being more mature and express or explore myself and my potential and doing something for anyone el.. doing something for me and everyone.. like I want to work for the Unicef so i can be more active and give more attention for them.

Who is your idol?
My admi.. my admirer is mother Theresa, because ... she is so humble for me and she had, she has a beautiful or ... wonderful personality. So I really .. adore at... at her.. hehehe.

Your friends say you are...
My friends tells that I am friendly, easy going person, just simply person, ordinary person and patient.

What do you want the rest of the world to know about your country?
Indonesia is a beautiful city.. so, you should go there to visit by yourself, because we have a lot of beautiful bitch..es (beaches ?) and the spectacular mountain and... dramatic of history and... so the people. Because people of Indonesia is really... is really welcome eh.. and really friendly because they like to know more about other country, other belief, other ideas....so, come to Indonesia and feel it and we open...we open our arms to come to Indonesia.

Nadine ChandrawinataNadine Chandrawinata: time to practice your English!

Jennifer Dunn: the real thing

Agnes Monica may revel in playing the flirtatious little girl, but with Jennifer Dunn you get the real thing:

Jennifer Dunn
Tattooed at the tender age of 14 (after seeing her Mum’s latest tattoo!), Jennifer was quick to admit that she found it really easy to play the role of the sexy Sisy in the Indonesian SCTV sinetron Atas Nama Cinta as Sisy’s character was quite similar to her own.

Although reluctant to show her tattoos to the general public – one is on her butt said a former boyfriend – she is thankfully much less shy about showing her latest tongue accessory:

Jennifer DunnWink back if you want a taste too

Julie Estelle: bloody nice

A kuntilanak is a type of female vampire in Malay folklore - usually a woman who has died during childbirth only to rise from the dead to seek revenge and terrorize local neighborhoods.

According to legend, a kuntilanak often appears as a beautiful woman, usually accompanied by the strong scent of frangipani. This naturally helps her to attract unsuspecting male suitors who are then killed when she metamorphosises into a hideous vampire (kuntilanak).

To see more, make sure you catch the film Kuntilanak which is now taking the capital Jakarta by storm.

And starring the sexy Ratu Felisha in a shower scene (well it’s a bit blurry really cos she is behind glass unfortunately) and ex-P'boy starlet Julia Estelle it’s a film not to be missed...

Indonesian showdown: Tiara Lestari vs. Julia Perez

Indonesia has many famous celebrities but two of the nation's most popular startlets must be
Tiara Lestari (for her modelling career) and Julia Perez (for just about everything - including her notoriety).

But who would win first prize if they had to scrap it out, celebrity deat-hmatch style?

Here's the lowdown:

Tiara Lestari: It's difficult to believe that this dark skinned beauty was once a shy village girl. But she was. Although not any longer. She shed her inhibitions in exchange for international stardom and did some devastating photoshoots for several high profile US magazines. Those days may be behind her but her legacy lives on. Fond of leopard clothing. After one failed marriage to an Indonesian guy, she married a German.

Julia Perez: This voulumptous headturner could eat lovely Tiara for breakfast. Although reluctant to shed as much clothing as Tiara once did, JP -as she is usually known - still manages to make the headlines. Like Tiara, she also loves leopard clothing. Like Tiara, JP has experienced heartbreak only to bounce back in spectacular style.

gambar Tiara Lestari sexy Julia Perez. Not.

gambar Julia Perez sexy
Tiara Lestari. Not.

Who is hotter?
Tiara Lestari
Julia Perez
Free polls from Pollhost.com

Cathy Sharon: the French Connection

Despite the French blood coursing through her veins, Cathy Sharon is usually reluctant to show off her risqué side. More of a gork than an enfant terrible. A strangely elusive creature who seems content just to get on with her job as Indonesia’s most famous MTV Video Jockey. So you can imagine how pleased I was to find the picture below in my inbox this morning. And if you look closely you can see that she even seems to be fond of body piercing. Cos not only does she have a chain attached to her navel, but she also has a small stud just above.

And one through her tongue!


Agnes Monica: bad dress sense?

Agnes Monica is famous in Indonesia for her bizarre dress sense and wacky hairdos. But the 20-year old head turner doesn’t really care. And indeed - why should she?

Let's face it, she is one of the country’s highest earning celebrities, commanding huge fees for her elaborate shows. Yet it could be that this bad dress sense ultimately gives her the edge over her peers. And just like the notorious Brittany Spears, Agnes loves to play on her bad girl image as she struts her kinky stuff. But perhaps school ended too early for her. She certainly has a way with strange words. Because what the heck does “Chuxy Precious” mean?!!!

Notable soap opera credits
Pernikahan Dini (Married Too Young)
Ciuman Pertama (First Kiss)
Cewekku Jutek (My Unfriendly Girl)

Sisca Andrian

North Sumatra is a beautiful part of Indonesia, home to one of Indonesia’s largest lakes, Lake Toba. Most of the people who live around the lake are ethnically Bataks. Their traditional houses are noted for their distinctive roofs (which curve upwards at each end, as a boat's hull does) and their colourful decor.

But with a similarly curvatous appeal are some of Indonesia’s top models from this region. Like the sensual Novi Amelia– who I’ve featured before – and Sisca Andrian – who I haven’t. Until now of course.

Indah Kalalo

Indah Kalalo is an Indonesian model in Jakarta who has had some success:

- “Model of the year 2000” & “Fashion Café’s "most promising model"

- Movies: Belahan Jiwa (Soulmate) & Pesan Dari Surga (Message from Heaven)

- Print ads: Vaseline, Giordano, L'oreal

- TV ads: L'oreal, Vaseline, Pocari Sweat

On a password protected website, in which models promote themselves, Indah introduces herself like this:

Hello, my name is Indah, my friends call me Piu. I am from Jakarta, Indonesia. I've been modeling for almost 9 years now. I am also an actress and a TV presenter. I also like to organize parties in Jakarta's famous club (sic). My passion is traveling and that’s why I love da (sic) modeling industry cause it allows me to travel around da (sic) world...

Well, never mind the English. Literacy ain’t part of being a model right? And as for the type of work she is willing to undertake, she lists the following:

Fashion: print, catalog, editorial, runway, bodypart (hmm), showroom, fitness, tearoom (huh?), lingerie
Commercial: product, lifestyle, corporate, demo, tradeshow
Glamour: art-nude, lingerie

Art-nude? Hmm. Sounds interesting. Is there some raunchy stuff in the pipeline I wonder?

Indah Kalalo sexy pantaiNice body, but what the hell does that dog think it’s up to?

Olga Lidya: I love the blue of Indonesia

I love the blue of Indonesia
it's a flavor in the air ..
I love the blue of Indonesia
you can taste it everywhere
I love the blue of Indonesiaaa ...
it's my kind of blue ..........

~ Old Bentoel Biru cigarette advertisement from time’s long gone…

Olga Lidya

Tamara Blezinsky: Indonesia’s most eligible janda?

In the world of Indonesian celebrities, many marriages go sour. Beautiful women joining the ever-growing ranks of divorcees.

But in Indonesia there is a somewhat negative connotation attached to the Indonesian word for divorcee (which is janda). There’s no rationality to the reasoning of course, but, hey, TIS (This is Indonesia!). It’s not so much that women should feel “shame” for being divorced, but rather the belief that women tend to pursue sexual relations rather aggressively once they are no longer in a marriage.

Is this true or not? Or merely just a case of “conventional wisdom”?

Well, I’m not really too sure to be honest. Perhaps we should ask Tamara Blezinsky: most probably Indonesia’s most eligible janda - although recently-divorced Titi DJ must run a close second!

Tamara Blezinsky: Indonesia’s most eligible janda?

Yelena Setiabudi: Will she win Miss Earth?

Miss Earth? What the heck is Miss Earth?

Yet another beauty contest of course!

But this one doesn’t get such negative press coverage as the others – not that it’s not known mind you – but because all the beautiful young ladies involved are committed to preserving the environment. Hence the name of the beauty pageant: Miss Earth.

Quite how these sexy young ladies are gonna solve the world’s environmental problems - such as global warming, deforestation, overpopulation and pollution - ain’t made clear. But hey, it doesn’t really matter does it? At least they have their hearts – and bodies – in the right place.

As for Indonesia’s contestant - Yelena Setiabudi - she was one of the first to show up in the Philippines for this year’s event.

And standing 5 feet 6 inches, this 21-year-old head turner is said by many to be one of the favorites to win the contest that takes place from November 9-27.

I’ll certainly be cheering her on. And I hope you will too.

Yelena Setiabudi: beauty with an earthy appeal

Rahma Azhari: picture perfect

I was rather impressed by this shot of Rahma Azhari in last July’s edition of Maxim:


But what makes this a great picture? Well, apart from the obviously stunning subject, technical factors also play a part.

Cos according to British born psychologist Christopher Tyler, in most great single-subject portraits, the center-line (vertical bisector of the canvas) passes through one eye of the subject. As it does in this picture of Rahma Azhari (through her left eye).

This is true of Leonardo's three portraits of women (Ginevra de'Benci, Cecilia Gallerani, and La Giaconde), most of Rembrandt's masterpieces, and even in some Picassos. Although generally not taught in photography classes, very good photographers intuitively discover the principle by themselves.

As you can see here.


Emma Santos

Emma Santos was born in Medan on 11 October 1983. That makes her a Libra: sweet, soft and charming.

She graduated from Jakarta’s Look Modeling School and likes singing.

Her idol is the brilliant Indonesian actress Christine Hakim.

And there are two more reasons to like Emma Santos. And I’m sure, as you look at her picture below, you can only agree.

Fifie Buntaran

On its website, the London School of PR (which is actually in Jakarta!), says that it is determined to produce highly qualified and skillful graduates in communication studies.

But whether the students are really capable or not, doesn’t really matter in my opinion. Especially if they look like one of its most notable graduates: the stupendously curvatous model Fifie Buntaran.

Fifie Buntaran sexy picture bikini

Fifie Buntaran sexy picture bikini
Fifie Buntaran: A “Grade A” student in every respect

Dian Nitami and Valerina Daniel: Metro TV wonderbabes

Media mogul Surya Paloh is the owner of Metro TV, a news based television station operating from Jakarta.

But besides the generally high quality of its programmes, there’s one other thing that places Metro TV head and shoulders above its competitors.

Its presenters.

Cos although Surya Paloh hails from the staunchly Islamic province of Aceh, he knows a hot babe when he sees one.

And he also knows that the majority of the viewing public shares his good taste as well.

No wonder then that the presenters on Metro TV are as hot as they come. And he especially likes to employ models and beauty contest winners.

Like the curvatous Dian Nitami and extremely pretty Valerina Daniel.

And why not indeed?

Dian Nitami
Valerina Daniel

Patricia Oktavia

Palembang is located in the south of Sumatra, Indonesia’s largest island. The city is set on the banks of the Musi river, the longest river in South Sumatra.

Local model Patricia Oktavia is said to have frolicked around in the water when she was a kid.

But if she were to do so today, she would certainly raise a few heads.

Especially if this curvatous stunner were to don an “itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini” like she did in her latest photoshoot.

Patricia Oktavia
Do you need some help to tie up your panties Patricia?

Red-hot Rachel sends temperatures soaring

The Mount Merapi volcano in Central Java is continuing to spew out lava and a spectacular series of hot clouds (called Wedus Gembel in Javanese because the clouds have a similar appearance to sheep wool).

Mount Merapi, which means "Fire Mountain," has erupted scores of times in the last 200 years, often with deadly results. It is one of the world's most active volcanoes.

In 1994, 60 people were killed by a searing gas cloud while in 1930, more than a dozen villages were incinerated, leaving 1,300 dead.

But 250 miles from Mount Merapi, in the capital Jakarta, the heat is also on. But sending temperatures rising here ain’t a volcano, but the scintillating curves of Rachel, an incredibly sensual up-and-coming local model. As hot as a volcano, I’m sure you’ll agree…

Dian Sastrowardoyo

Diandra Paramitha Sastrowardoyo- better known as Dian Sastrowardoyo- started her career as a cover girl in Gadis teen magazine 10 years ago. Her second film Pasir Berbisik (Whispering Sands) in 2001 boosted her popularity and won her the best actress award at the 15th Singapore International Film Festival and the Asian Film Festival in Deauville, France both in 2002.

The latest endeavor of this philosophy graduate is to host the Indonesian version of “Who wants to be a millionaire?”

"I want to teach at the University of Indonesia’s school of philosophy," she mused.



No drugs for me!

Lilis Suganda in bedtime lingerie

Lovely Lilis Suganda is best known for her star-role in the ridiculously hammy popcorn movie Janji kepada Satan (Promise to Satan).

But although youth is no longer on her side – she was born in Jakarta in 1974 – she is as stunning as ever. Particularly when she wears bedtime lingerie. Some say she made a deal with the devil to stay eternally young. Which is probably true. Cos how else could she look so fine after all these years?

Lilis Suganda in bedtime lingerie

Yeyen Lidya

Indonesian model Yeyen Lidya simply exudes sex appeal.

Born in Jakarta on 5 May 1978, this 28-year old Indonesian beauty has the sort of sophisticated maturity that is a refreshing change from some of the bigheaded up-and-coming teenagers in today’s modeling business.

Besides modeling, she has also stared in a number of Indonesian soap operas including the classic Pelacur Itu Jodohku (That Woman is my Fiancée).

Let’s just hope she decides to make a sequel.

sexy Yeyen Lidya
sexy Yeyen Lidya

Fla Priscilla

P'boy Indonesia have disappointed us again.

Not only does the second edition of the magazine fail to turn up the heat meter with some very ordinary pictures indeed, but Miss April actually comes from France!

Now don’t get me wrong here: I certainly ain’t got anything against French models, but isn’t this supposed to be the Indonesian version of the magazine?

About the only thing that saves this edition from the waste-bin is the photoshoot of Fla Priscilla (lead singer of the pop group Tofu).

So here she is:

Emma Waroka Hawkins

Trans TV’s Fenomena does a great job in unveiling the sordid underbelly of life in the capital city Jakarta.

From women who like tattoos to college girls who are looking to earn a little extra cash, the show has covered an incredible range of topics in recent months.

Not only that but the show is presented by the incredibly sexy Emma Waroka Hawkins.

Emma Waroka Hawkins
Trans TV. Wednesdays at midnight. Don’t miss it!!!