Michelle Branch

Michelle Branch is undoubtedly a very talented young lady.

Cos not many pop stars these days actually write the songs they perform.

But Michelle does. And she does it very well.

Although her first album was a decent enough effort, it was her second album, 2001’s The Spirit Room, that really propelled her into the international limelight.

The album was a huge success and sold more than two and a half million records across the globe.

Interestingly, Michelle has some Indonesian blood in her: her grandmother comes from East Java.

And I think you can really see this influence in her stunning photoshoot for Maxim magazine in which Michelle’s exotic charms really shine through.

Notice also that little tattoo of a musical note just below her left shoulder. I wonder why she had that done? Some people say that if you tweak it, she starts to sing. But although I ain’t so sure about that, one thing is for sure: she has taken to modeling like a proverbial duck to water.

Michelle Branch likes it on an antique table. And why not indeed?