Lenna Tan: feline grace

Lenna Tan is the presenter of Insert Pagi, a popular Indonesian TV show that features all the latest celebrity gossip. You can catch the show every weekday morning at 7.00 on Trans TV.

A beautiful woman, who with her feline features – just look at those eyes! - always appears ready to pounce.

But Lenna hasn’t always been a big cat. Because until fairly recently you could say she was just a little pussy. As shown by her appearance as the flirtatious model in the popular quiz show The Price is Right.

Yet Lenna must nonetheless rank as one of the hottest Chinese Indonesian models today. But is she the best yet? I’ll let you decide:

Who is the hottest Chinese Indonesian?
Lenna Tan
Olga Lidya
Mulan Kwok
Agnes Monica (hahaha!)
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