Cut Keke: Pride of Aceh

Aceh has produced its fair share of sexy Indonesian babes.

Cynthiara Alona, who I have also featured on this blog, is a real head turner but Nova Eliza also has her charms.

Other Acehnese notables are Cut Memey, Cut Tari and, of course, the lovely Cut Keke, who created a bit of a stir last year by falling pregnant.

But despite her personal problems, Cut Keke remains a popular figure. But is she hotter than her rivals? I’ll let you decide.

..... Cut Keke

..... Cut Memey

..... Cut Tari

Who is Aceh’s hottest babe?
Cut Cynthiara Alona
Cut Memey
Cut Tari
Nova Eliza
Cut Keke
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