Cheverly Amalia

Popular Magazine came in for some fairly harsh criticism for its photo shoot of Kalimantan’s Victoria Tjong in its May edition.

Basically they got two things wrong. First of all were the really nasty looking dresses that made the buxom lass look cheaper than a desperate tart down at Blok M on a ladies’ night on Sunday.

And the second thing they got wrong was the makeup. I mean the 29 year old Victoria was so heavily made up that one of my readers – Avi – even thought that the was knocking on 50!

Anyways, that’s in the past now. And the good news is that Popular seems to have learnt from its mistakes with some much better pictures of the lovely looking Cheverly Amalia in the latest June edition of the magazine.

However, on closer inspection, a few things do seem to have gone array it seems:

Because is that really Crystal Palace Football Club kit that she is wearing? And combined with cowboy clothes?

Make up your mind love!