Michelle Branch

Michelle Branch is undoubtedly a very talented young lady.

Cos not many pop stars these days actually write the songs they perform.

But Michelle does. And she does it very well.

Although her first album was a decent enough effort, it was her second album, 2001’s The Spirit Room, that really propelled her into the international limelight.

The album was a huge success and sold more than two and a half million records across the globe.

Interestingly, Michelle has some Indonesian blood in her: her grandmother comes from East Java.

And I think you can really see this influence in her stunning photoshoot for Maxim magazine in which Michelle’s exotic charms really shine through.

Notice also that little tattoo of a musical note just below her left shoulder. I wonder why she had that done? Some people say that if you tweak it, she starts to sing. But although I ain’t so sure about that, one thing is for sure: she has taken to modeling like a proverbial duck to water.

Michelle Branch likes it on an antique table. And why not indeed?

Marlin Taroreh

North Sulawesi has won international acclaim for being home to some of the best scuba diving in the world.

What makes the diving here so special is the incredible dropoffs.

You can be swimming above corals in seas one or two meters deep, before the sea suddenly plummets below you into dark oblivion.

Floating over the edge of such a reef is akin to floating from the top of a skyscraper.


And combined with balmy 28-degree crystal clear waters with incredibly high visibility and a rich array of marine life this really is marine paradise.

But besides its diving, North Sulawesi is also famous for its beautiful women.

Like the curvatous Marlin Taroreh.

Marlin Taroreh
North Sulawesi? Yes please. When does the next plane leave?

Maya Kusumah

I’m afraid I’ve virtually drawn a complete blank on Maya Kusumah. There’s nothing written about her that I can find in cyberspace. In fact, about the only thing I know is that she did once model for the Indonesian magazine Male Emporium. Oh well. But as they say...

...a picture does mean a thousand words. And I’m sure you agree.

Alda Risma: RIP

Alda Risma, a second rate singer, who gained plenty of admirers for her sultry good looks (just look at those lips!), is now in heaven, ostensibly yet another drug overdose victim. But maybe there’s more to this than drugs.

Cos the footage on TV this morning clearly showed that her hands had been pretty badly cut up. Foul play? Definitely a possibility. Especially as another scandal is in the making: she checked into her room in the Hotel Grand Menteng with an unidentified man. Who could he be? Another politician perhaps? Well, it wouldn’t surprise me!!!

Nadya Hutagalung: as stunning as ever

JAKARTA: The developer of Senayan City, PT Manggala Gelora Perkasa, announced last week the appointment of celebrity Nadya Hutagalung as its brand ambassador.

The subsidiary of Jakarta's largest developer, Agung Podomoro Group, made the appointment official during the launching of its television commercial on Friday.

The renowned model will represent the property project through a series of television advertisements.

But what the heck’s a “brand ambassador”? Probably a pompous way of describing a sexy ex-model who is expected to strut her stuff in a bid to attract the attention of potential male customers.

I’ve no doubt she’ll be successful though.

Battle of the sexy Metro TV babes

I’m happy to report that my recent head-to-head showdown which pitted wonderbabe Tiara Lestari against Julia Perez has attracted a lot of interest.

And the winner is….

…rather surprisingly, Tiara Lestari. She was on 106 votes compared to Julia’s 36, the last time I looked.

I say surprisingly cos most Indonesians tend to look down on dark skin chicks, preferring lighter skin types like Julia. But I guess Tiara’s body was really the concluding factor that swung votes away from Julia. So substance DOES matter. Nice to see that, of course. After all, beauty is never just skin deep: it pays to have a decent pair of assets as well.

For my new poll it’s not so much a two-horse race, but more of a free-for-all involving a bunch of extremely sexy yet utterly prim and proper Metro TV babes.

My favorites are pictured below, but please check through the complete list of talent before casting your vote.

Amelia Ardan: sultry good looks makes her a top choice.

Chantal Della Concetta: Of Chinese/Italian lineage she is a real rarity. Concetta was born in Bandung, West Java.

Fifi Aleyda Yahya: Has great credentials: was named “Miss Jakarta” in 1995.

Maria Kalaij: Comes from Manokwari. Where the heck is that?

Rahma Sarita: great face and very flirty, Rahma is the anchor of Metro TV’s investigative program “Metro Realitas”.

Prita Laura: Another hottie. Doesn’t seem to do much but she should.

Who is the hottest Metro TV presenter?
Amelia Ardan
Chantal Della Concetta
Dian Krishna
Fifi Aleyda Yahya
Maria Kalaij
Prita Laura
Rahma Sarita
Thia Yufada
Wianda Pusponegoro
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Babe of the day – Jakarta’s Kinaryosih

"In life, as in art, the beautiful moves in curves."

> Edward Bulwer-Lytton

And so can be said of Jakarta’s up n’ coming sinetron star Kinaryosih.

Quite simply, poetry in motion…

Bella Saphira

Today’s babe of the day is Lux soap model, Bella Saphira.

But not only did this Central Java headturner take off her clothes for the shower scene in the soap advertisement, but she also loves vigorous activity.

Let’s just hope she uses that soap to clean up afterward...

Bella Saphira

Agni Pratistha: Miss Indonesia 2006!

Lovely Agni Pratistha of Central Java has been crowned as Miss Indonesia 2006.

As the winner, Agnis will receive Rp20 million in cash, a diamond-studded ring worth Rp15 million, and a Mio Yamaha motorcycle (but why would she need one of those?). She will also have use of a house and a car supplied by the organizers for a period of one year.

So well done Agni.

But how long will we have to wait before seeing you in a bikini?

Farida Aisya: love at first flight

As each day goes by, the chances of finding the missing Adam Air plane become more remote. And even if they can pinpoint the location of the wreckage, it is highly unlikely that they will be able to get to the aircraft since it is probably lying at the bottom of the deep blue sea. A terrible tragedy of course, and a shocking reminder that our lives truly do hang on a thread. So live each day to the full and make the most of it while you can.

As for me, I won’t be flying Adam Air in the future.

Lion Air is the airline for me.

Lion Air stewardess Farida Aisya: love at first flight

Dwi Putrantiwi

There are many reasons why Dwi Putrantiwi is one of Indonesia’s top models. But two of them in particular stand out! Don't you agree?

And lovely Dwi also likes it lying down:

Happy Salma, happy Mike

Some Indonesians give their kids the strangest names imaginable.

Like “Happy”.

I mean ain’t “Happy” a name reserved just for dwarfs? Still, it’s a lot better than “Sleepy” I suppose. And “Grumpy” of course.

Anyway, Indonesia’s best-known Happy – and she’s not a dwarf either – must be the sexy sinetron actress Happy Salma.

Recently spotted in Bali with her bule boyfriend who has a more sensible name: Mike. Still one thing’s for sure. And that is that judging from the pictures below he must be very happy too!

But perhaps it would have been more apt for his parents to have named him “Lucky”. Cos bizarre as it might sound, that is another popular name in Indonesia too!

Deasy Noviyanti

The football season is coming to an end in Europe.

And that means a long break till the new season starts in August.

Some people will miss the football of course. And many more will also miss TV7’s lovely football presenters: the flirtatious Terry Puteri and the wonderfully nubile Deasy Noviyanti.


When asked what English premiership club she supported, Deasy Noviyanti said she didn’t really have a favorite.

“Actually, I don’t really like football that much,” said the lovely Deasy.

So what sport does she like then?

“Well, you know…”

“… I like playing with one stick and two balls.”

You mean billiards?

“Well, not exactly…”

Who would you rather play football with?
Deasy Noviyanti
Terry Puteri

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Cut Keke: Pride of Aceh

Aceh has produced its fair share of sexy Indonesian babes.

Cynthiara Alona, who I have also featured on this blog, is a real head turner but Nova Eliza also has her charms.

Other Acehnese notables are Cut Memey, Cut Tari and, of course, the lovely Cut Keke, who created a bit of a stir last year by falling pregnant.

But despite her personal problems, Cut Keke remains a popular figure. But is she hotter than her rivals? I’ll let you decide.

..... Cut Keke

..... Cut Memey

..... Cut Tari

Who is Aceh’s hottest babe?
Cut Cynthiara Alona
Cut Memey
Cut Tari
Nova Eliza
Cut Keke
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Viena Lopez: Indonesia’s answer to Jennifer

The Yanks may have Jennifer Lopez, but Indonesia has Viena Lopez, an up-and-coming Indonesian celebrity who has effortlessly made the transition from sexy airline stewardess to Playboy Indonesia cover girl.

Certainly a name to watch out for in the future. I’m sure you’ll agree!

sexy Viena Lopez: Indonesia’s answer to Jennifer

Who is hotter?
Jennifer Lopez
Viena Lopez
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Victoria Tjong: Kalimantan’s buxom beauty

Despite making up only around 5 percent of the total population, more and more Chinese Indonesians are making waves in the Indonesian modeling world.

Like Kalimantan’s buxom wonderbabe Victoria Tjong for example. Lingerie ads (Le boudoir, xtriplex) are her forte and it’s not difficult to understand why. No wonder her assets are very highly prized.

Victoria Tjong

Victoria Tjong

Caroline Zachrie: Finest things

Not so much snobby as plain eccentric, Caroline Zachrie puts on the upper class airs in the “Finest Things”, a program she presents for the Jakarta based O Channel. Designer clothes and vintage wines are great. But intricate gold jewelry, diamond encrusted watches and ultra expensive yachts are even better. And all this in a country where half the population eke out a living on less than five bucks a day.

And as for Caroline Zachrie’s finest things? Definitely her lips, I’d say!

Caroline Zachrie

Cheverly Amalia

Popular Magazine came in for some fairly harsh criticism for its photo shoot of Kalimantan’s Victoria Tjong in its May edition.

Basically they got two things wrong. First of all were the really nasty looking dresses that made the buxom lass look cheaper than a desperate tart down at Blok M on a ladies’ night on Sunday.

And the second thing they got wrong was the makeup. I mean the 29 year old Victoria was so heavily made up that one of my readers – Avi – even thought that the was knocking on 50!

Anyways, that’s in the past now. And the good news is that Popular seems to have learnt from its mistakes with some much better pictures of the lovely looking Cheverly Amalia in the latest June edition of the magazine.

However, on closer inspection, a few things do seem to have gone array it seems:

Because is that really Crystal Palace Football Club kit that she is wearing? And combined with cowboy clothes?

Make up your mind love!

Famous kisses in Indonesia

Kissing is like drinking salted water
You drink, and your thirst increases

>Chinese Proverb

The Bunga Cinta Lestari - Ashraf Sinclair kiss has raised loads of interest.

Bunga Cinta Lestari cium
And rightly so. Cos in many ways it was a great kiss: the romantic location in Bali; the skimpy bikini that she’s wearing. This kiss had all the right ingredients that’s for sure.

But how does it compare to other famous kisses in Indonesia? Well, here are some of the best:

1) the Julia Perez girl kiss. Very juicy. lovely!

2) The Maia - Ahmad Dhani French kiss. They may be at war now, but there was love once. Wasn’t there?

3) And of course the Mayangsari – Bambang kiss. Smile for the camera please!!

What was the juiciest kiss?
the Bunga Cinta Lestari - Ashraf Sinclair kiss
the Julia Perez lesbian kiss
the Maia - Ahmad Dhani French kiss
the Mayangsari – Bambang kiss
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Stop press: Indah Kalalo likes a mouthful as well!

Dr. Sonia Wibisono: A Man Magnet!!

As Dr. Sonia Wibisono explained at a recent symposium on 9 August, a woman needs to be beautiful and sexy to be a “man magnet”:

Go to the gym. Eat well. Stay out of the sun.

All the usual advice that doctors give.

But since Sonia opened her practice in the West Jakarta district of Kebun Jeruk, the health of her patients doesn’t seem to be improving. In fact, just the opposite. Cases of groin strain among males in that part of Jakarta have apparently increased by 847 percent in the last three months.

Now, why would that be I wonder?

Sari Nila: the longest legs in town!

Jakarta’s O Channel is always worth checking out.

Because given it’s niche target audience, it’s far more risqué and daring than the other Indonesian terrestrial TV channels.

One of the station’s sexiest presenters is the rather pretentious yet lovely Caroline Zachrie. Well she would be with a name like that, wouldn’t she?!!!

But close on her modeling heels is fellow O Channel presenter Sari Nila.

But while Caroline’s got the lips (and even the hips), she would certainly have to admit that Sari’s got the legs:

Legs that really do go all the way up to the armpits.

Which O Channel babe is sexier?
Caroline Zachrie
Sari Nila
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Lyra virna: exposed!

All stars have their secrets. And Lyra Virna is no exception. Cos this red-hot sensation from the Sumatran city of Palembang has had to do some unlikely jobs in the past before becoming a modeling sensation:

Like working for Indonesia’s armed forces...

… and – oh my God – is that a massage parlor?!!!

Lenna Tan: feline grace

Lenna Tan is the presenter of Insert Pagi, a popular Indonesian TV show that features all the latest celebrity gossip. You can catch the show every weekday morning at 7.00 on Trans TV.

A beautiful woman, who with her feline features – just look at those eyes! - always appears ready to pounce.

But Lenna hasn’t always been a big cat. Because until fairly recently you could say she was just a little pussy. As shown by her appearance as the flirtatious model in the popular quiz show The Price is Right.

Yet Lenna must nonetheless rank as one of the hottest Chinese Indonesian models today. But is she the best yet? I’ll let you decide:

Who is the hottest Chinese Indonesian?
Lenna Tan
Olga Lidya
Mulan Kwok
Agnes Monica (hahaha!)
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Famous British author George Orwell once said that “to see what is in front of your nose needs a constant struggle”.

Well, that might be true some of the time. But certainly not others:

Advertising credits: Battery Yuasa, Viva, Fuji Film, M Foto Studio, Metro Dept. Store , Lingerie Nico-Nico

Sinetron: biarkan damai bersemi, jaka tingkir, jaka umbaran, ketika mata jiwa bicara, baret hitam, si cecep, bidadari 3

Ayu Anjani: cewek sexy

Ayu Anjani. Or AA. Or Alcoholics Anonymous.

But while lovely Ayu probably ain’t on the bottle, she’s surely gonna give the current bunch of lovely Indonesian starlets a damn good run for their money.

So watch out Julie Perez. You might wanna pour yourself a stiff one. Cos you’ve got competition coming your way.


Sharen: Rp1/second

Most pro girls don’t set a “rate” by the second. That would be very unusual indeed. But for every rule there’s an exception of course.

And in this case it’s a delightfully nubile young lass called Sharen who - as her body hugging orange T-shirt makes quite clear - is only charging Rp1/second for the telephone services.

And she seems to be advertising that fact all around Jakarta at the moment. There are pictures of her just about everywhere. But that’s good business of course. Cos s ex sells, right?


Terry Putri: football crazy

Although English premiership football can be seen on ESPN in Indonesia, it’s actually a lot more fun to watch the games on the local station TV7.

Cos instead of a couple of boring male hosts, the games on TV7 are presented by sexy young Indonesian chicks. Like the lovely Terry Putri.

Terry Putri: football crazyIt doesn’t really matter that she doesn’t have a clue about English football. Cos she is able to keep the viewers amused with her flirtatious pre-match antics in a studio full of football memorabilia which includes two footballs that she likes to handle from time to time.

Definitely worth watching - even if you don’t like English footie…

Terry Putri: football crazy