Shanty: no more hang-ups!

Ex MTV VJ Shanty is perhaps best known for her role in the classic Indonesian skin flick “Ganti Baju”, a film which also features other female notables such as Femmy Permatasari and Sarah Azhari.

The film didn’t show at the cinemas first, and was a direct-to-VCD production. But that is hardly surprising. Because these actresses didn’t even know they were making a film! They had actually been secretly filmed through a changing room's two-way mirror, in much the way a hidden spy camera is able to record the action!

The film lasts 30 minutes and sold huge numbers on VCD in Jakarta in the months of April and May in 2003.

Even so, Shanty was apparently badly traumatized by the whole unsavory episode.

And in her most recent film, Kala, she actually complained about having to do some kissing scenes with Fachri Albar (the scenes were shot three times) even if - this time - she didn’t have to take off her clothes!

But these latest antics have apparently done her good, and she now seems to be back to her uninhibited self. Good for you Shanty!