Mayangsari: A lucky lady

Mayangsari’s albums may have flopped but she’s still managed to do very nicely for herself thank-you.

Because as a magnet to the male species, Mayangsari has managed to net some valuable catches indeed.

Her first notable tryst was with Dewa Budjana, the guitarist of GIGI, a highly popular Indonesian rock band.

But after breaking up with Dewa in 2001, Mayangsari discarded the rock world and moved onto much bigger things: the political domain.

And she didn’t strike low either. Her catch?

None other than the oldest son of former president Soeharto, the hugely wealthy Bambang Trihatmodjo.

And her efforts did not go unrewarded.

Because despite struggling in her career at the time, she somehow managed to acquire a luxurious house in the elite district of Simprug, in South Jakarta.

But her lovelife was not to remain private.

Since for only reasons that she must know, she allowed photos of her romantic trysts with Bambang to be taken while they were staying in a hotel in Jakarta.

The photos were then posted up on the Web for everyone to see.

How lovely.

The latest model has a perfectly proportioned rear end, although access is limited to the privileged few. I just love Mercedes don’t you?