Masayu Anastasia

Indonesian girls – and Asian girls – in general are, alas, not noted for their measurements in the mammary department. Indeed, feelings of inadequacy in this respect have even prompted some desperate local women to get high-cost breast implants.

But are things changing for the better? Well, they certainly seem to be. And this is not just mere conjecture: Ramayana – a popular Indonesian department store – has noted that in the last five years or so its sales of larger bra sizes have soared exponentially.

And the reason behind this phenomenon? Fast food of course. Most of the gains have taken place in the country’s big cities where consumption of fast foods high in protein and packed with hormones are readily consumed. There is even a conspiracy theory going around that the US – with the help of KFC and McDonalds – has an agenda to increase bust sizes in countries around the world so that they don’t fall far short of Texan standards.

True or not, one thing is for sure: Masayu Anastasia finds it hard to conceal her considerable assets. And guess what her favorite food is? That’s right – KFC!

Masayu leaning against a long pole