Krisdayanti: in action!

Krisdayanti (born on 24 May, 1975 in Malang, East Java) has attained diva status in Indonesia, and commands huge fees for her performances.

But while she ain’t a bad singer, this buxom beauty’s bodily charms have definitely played a big role in propelling her to success.

No wonder then that she is in such big demand.

Besides singing, Krisdayanti has also raked in the money by promoting an Indonesian health drink called Hemaviton Action.

2x sehari siap Action!
And in the TV ad she sings that, “she is ready for action two times a day!”

Thanks no doubt to the ginseng, royal jelly and combination of Indonesian traditional herbs that are guaranteed to make anyone as horny as hell.

Krisdayanti is always ready for action!