Jodi Ann Paterson: a red-hot chili pepper

The glamorous world of female modeling really does owe a huge debt to Indonesia.

A case in point: the delectable Jodi Ann Paterson.

Tracing her bloodline to the island of Borneo, where savage headhunters once ruled supreme, Jodi has attracted fans from across the globe since she hit the big time with a highly celebrated photoshoot for the world’s most famous men’s magazine Playboy.

So sensational, in fact, was Jodi that she took the coveted honor of “Playmate of The Year” in 2000, for which she received US$100,000 and a very tasty red Chevrolet Corvette.

But there’s more to Jodi than her curvatous charms and exotic beauty: she was the first playmate to have a college degree (she got hers from Oregon State University).

Besides brains, she can also act a bit: even though she may need to choose her roles a little more carefully in the future (for some inexplicable reason, her appearance in the film Dude, Where’s My Car? was as the giant alien!!).

And like other Indonesian hotties – such as Karenina Mara Anderson and Jade Marcela - Jodi Ann Paterson also has a liking for tattoos.

Hers is on her right buttock:

A red-hot chili pepper no less. Admittedly small, but I’m sure those lucky enough to have tasted this exotic offering were soon burning up…