Isobelle Yahya: naked innocence

There aren’t too many Indonesian girls who will take their clothes off for the cameras.

But Isobelle Yahya is one of them.

She stripped off for a piece of artwork called Pinkswing Park which was briefly displayed at an exhibition at Indonesia’s central bank.

She is seen naked – in multiple poses - with her lover (Anjasmara) in a utopian park.

There’s a sort of Adam and Eve innocence to the whole thing. Rather charming in fact.

But the serenity didn’t last long.

Because as soon as the religious fanatics heard about it, they went crazy, claiming the picture blasphemed the story of Adam and Eve.

How could the exhibitors show such a picture?, they wanted to know.

How could they indeed?

But as things turned out Isobelle got off fairly lightly. Charges were only filed against Anjasmara, who later apologized for the whole thing, saying it was a misunderstanding.

Anyway, I’m sure Isobelle will be more careful the next time she takes her clothes off.

Because if she avoids the arty stuff and just does the men’s magazines, she’ll be okay. After all, Tiara Lestarti has never had any problems, has she?