Ineke Koesherawati: a blast from the past!

Poor old Ineke Koesherawati. She tries to pretend it never happened. But as hard as she might try, the memories continue to come back to haunt this Indonesian beauty. Indelibly imprinted in her mind like the black ink on the page of a book. And nothing’s gonna erase them, that’s for sure.

Oh well. But there’s no reason for her to feel too bad about it, I reckon. Cos at least she’ll have something to talk to her grandchildren about, won’t she?

Ineke Koesherawati> I now think it’s important to cover up…

Ineke Koesherawati

… although I didn’t before!

Ineke Koesherawati

Jangan malu-malu Ineke! And is that really a tattoo on your left arm?!!