Ayu Azhari in the hot tub

Like her two attention-seeking sisters Sarah Azhari and Rahma Azhari, the less busty yet no less attractive Ayu Azhari is also no stranger to controversy.

And she’s more than willing to do what it takes to get in the spotlight.

Even if it means playing the ubiquitous love interest in a low budget American popcorn flick.

Directed by Robert Anthony, 1994’s “Without Mercy” aka “Outraged Fugitive” is actually a very mediocre action film, and is only saved by the steamy performance put in by a very uninhibited Ayu Azhari.

Ayu is actually the "property" of crime kingpin Martin Kove but ex-Marine John Zagarino ain’t too bothered about that and his advances soon start to pay dividends.

Their first tryst (at 30 minutes) doesn’t start off to well though, as John bends her over roughly on a couch.

But the best is to come as the two protagonists decide to continue their exertions in the bathroom.

Very steamy stuff indeed…

gambar sexy Ayu Azhari in Outraged Fugitive